Anti-Gravity Treadmills Help To Improve Mobility

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Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Our online research brought us to finding a type of treadmill that is defying gravity. Believe it or not there are Anti-Gravity Treadmills that by cutting body's weight in half, make it possible to run and exercise in almost zero gravity.

One of the Anti-Gravity Treadmills is the exercise and fitness device that we found at The description of this Anti-Gravity Treadmill is provided below from the manufacturer.

Anti-Gravity TreadmillsTM are changing the weight of the world. G-Trainers enable people to improve mobility and health, recover from injury and surgery more effectively, overcome medical challenges that limit movement, and enhance physical performance. Whether you're an elite athlete who can't afford bench time or an individual whose daily life doesn't have time for sitting still, G-Trainers are designed for everyone.

The G-Trainer Difference

Anti-Gravity Treadmill gives Unrestricted Mobility

The G-Trainer enables individuals to reduce their body weight easily, offering the benefits of unweighting and mobility without restriction. The person is able to maintain a normal gait, stride length, bounding, leg kick, and normal body positioning.


Natural Body Movement
The G-Trainer overcomes limitations such as water resistance and cumbersome harnesses associated with conventional unweighting systems allowing for a natural gait pattern. The G-Trainer's supportive force is at the individual's core and is uniformly distributed over the person's lower body making it very comfortable while allowing for natural body movement.

Full Range of Motion
Individuals can walk or run with a full range of motion. While using the G-Trainer, not only do you have a full stride length but your upper body is not restricted in movement. Other systems that support a person's weight make it nearly impossible to achieve a full range of motion. Because the G-Trainer allows the user to reduce their body weight they're able to even extend their range of motion which means they can condition muscles more thoroughly.

Extended Variable Options
With the G-Trainer, individuals can add reduction of body weight to traditional treadmill variables of speed and incline. Variables can be adjusted and programmed to meet any health, medical, therapeutic, training, or conditioning need. The G-Trainer continually adjusts to ensure the accuracy of set variables is consistent throughout a session.

Broad Variable Range
Weight, speed, and incline settings can be set with precision and include a broad range. Effective body weight can be reduced to as low as 20% of the individual's body weight with reduction increments of 1% allowing for progressive weight bearing. Speed variables can be adjusted up to 18 miles per hour in forward motion or 10 miles per hour in reverse and incline can be set up to 15%.

In-use Setting Adjustment
In contrast to other unweighting systems, each variable can be adjusted to different levels while in use. This advantage means the individual can adjust settings to meet their own performance levels and tailor their workout to account for ability level, pain or fatigue. An individual isn't committed to a programmed workout. Variables can be altered on-the-fly by not only a clinician or trainer, but also by the individual without interrupting their workout.

The Technology of Anti-Gravity Treadmill

The anti-gravity technology behind the G-Trainer was originally developed at NASA. Air pressure is used to accomplish unweighting allowing individuals to set body weight as low as 20% in 1% increments.