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Everlast Cross Conditioner XV Gives Complete Body Fitness

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Everlast Cross Conditioner XV Fitness Equipment

C Systems came up with a new exercise equipment called Everlast Cross Conditioner XV, which is claims to provide total body fitness system.

The company press releases reads that ithe Everlast Cross Conditioner XV exercise equipment was the buzz of the National Strength & Conditioning Association on July 12, 2008 and that “the overwhelming consensus was The Cross Conditioner XV “CCXV” is the new evolution of a total body fitness system”.

THE EVERLAST CROSS CONDITIONER XV is a low impact resistance based fitness system that focuses on, Core, Cardio, Strength and Stretching. The Cross Conditioner XV allows you to choose either an anaerobic or aerobic workout. Quickly and easily you can choose from multiple levels of intensity integrating core, cardio, strength and stretching. With over 100 exercises to choose from, your entire body will be synchronized and balanced while maintaining fluidity of motion in a perfect 15 minute workout.

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The Cross Conditioner XV was designed and developed by Mark Wallach, who broke both his legs in an extreme skiing accident. During the course of his 9 month rehabilitation therapy and 4 knee operations, he realized that most of his therapy centered on resistance training. He took that knowledge and implemented a truly unique comprehensive, resistance based fitness system and platform. CCXV is licensed with the iconic world-renowned company, EVERLAST.

Greg Comeaux, fitness and celebrity spokesperson for the Everlast Cross Conditioner XV has been a leading fitness and nutrition industry expert for over 30 years. Greg was the fitness trainer for the Fox T.V. extreme makeover reality show, The Swan. Mr. Comeaux will attest that in all his years in the fitness and health profession “nothing compares to the results you will achieve on The Cross Conditioner XV.

The Cross Conditioner XV is an integral part of the company’s “CROSS CONDITIONING FOR LIFE PLATFORM” which combines physical fitness with a comprehensive nutritional and skin care product line. Our Core Nutritional & Skin Care products provide all the essential vitamins and nutrients one needs to manage health and weight while promoting that youthful look and energy without stimulants. This platform is a life style change; you can change your life today!

C Systems is dedicated to helping motivate people to live healthier, more active lifestyles and reverse the growing trend of obesity in America. C Systems markets are home use, physical therapy and recovery centers, bariatric centers for weight loss and corporate wellness programs.