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Treadmill Simulates Outdoor Exercise Scenes

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Treadmill simulates outdoor scenes

This treadmill may be what the city dwellers need as they are getting less chance to go walking or jogging outside. As the surrounding air is getting more and more polluted, which results lots of restrictions for us to go for some outdoor exercises.

What we can do these days, is to stay at home or in the office, run and sweat on a treadmill instead of going for an outdoor run. But we miss a lot of those outdoor scenes. And they definitely open up your eyes, which running on a treadmill will never give you the kind of exciting outdoor experience.

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Some researchers at University of Tsukuba in Japan is developing a special treadmill that is equipped with a big 270-degree screen that gives the user a complete view of different nice sceneries. The treadmill is actually intended for use in some hospitals or rehab centers which helps patients who suffer from strokes or other similar illnesses.

The treadmill definitely has great potential for the use at gyms and even for some rich users, who are paranoid about the polluted air outside.

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However, I don't know if artificial outdoor exercise scene is better than a movie. What if we watched a movie while exercising?