Workout Tips: Don't Wear Them Out

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Don’t WEAR out your workout-tips on choosing workout apparel to make the most of your workout.

Start at the bottom: Choose pants or shorts based on the workout you'll be doing. Loose pants for yoga, tight pants for biking, for instance. Consider wearing tight fitting shorts or bicycle shorts underneath to avoid chafing and embarrassing revealing situations.

Make sure to breathe: Select clothing made of “Suplex” for breathable fabric or lycra for flexibility. Any clothes that specify moisture technology will help keep sweat away from your body as well. Cotton can make you clammy and hotter.


Don’t forget the top: Well-fitted shirts work best in most workout activities and some can even provide support for women. Loose-fitting tops do provide a larger range of motion, although they can become caught on the equipment. Know which workout you are doing before putting your top on.

Keep it in shape: If you have a favorite workout garment that you want to keep in top condition for as long as possible, taking the extra time to wash it by hand can help prolong its life. However, it is not always necessary to give your workout outfits this much hands-on attention. The majority of exercise clothes are safe in the gentle cycle of your washing machine, so long as you treat them to the right kind of detergent, avoid damaging hot water, and keep them out of the dryer.

Make it look good: Shop for workout clothes you find appealing and flatter your figure. Invest in quality clothes. You don’t need anything fancy to get started, but once you do start working out, it’s nice to get yourself some appropriate, sleek workout clothes, with breathable and comfortable fabrics, ones that look good on you. It’s motivating and pleasurable.

Silvia Giamanco is a world ranked triathlete and owner of VAI Fitness in downtown San Diego. She is the designer of VAI fitness clothing. Learn more at: