Guide To Horizon Fitness Elliptical Workout Trainer

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Horizon EX56 Elliptical Trainer

One of the most common trends that I have seen in the fitness industry is the dominance of Horizon Fitness Elliptical Trainers in the under $1000 price range. If you are looking for a well made elliptical trainer for under a thousand dollars, Horizon Fitness offers the best options. In this Horizon Fitness Brand Review, we'll cover the most popular Horizon Fitness elliptical trainers including features, pricing, and my personal experience with Horizon Fitness Elliptical Trainers.

First see what is an Elliptical Trainer. According To Wikipedia Elliptical Trainer page "An elliptical trainer (also cross trainer or simply elliptical) is a stationary exercise machine used to simulate walking or running without causing excessive pressure to the joints, hence decreasing the risk of impact injuries."

Horizon EX56 Elliptical Trainer

Coming in at $599, the Horizon EX56 is Horizon's cheapest elliptical trainer. Don't underestimate the performance of the Horizon EX56 Elliptical Trainer, the Horizon EX56 sells well because it has the most natural feel for an elliptical trainer in the $600 price range. It has 8 resistance levels, built in heart rate monitoring, and 8 fitness programs. The 18" stride length dwarfs most elliptical trainers in this price range. Longer stride lengths deliver more natural motion than shorter stride lengths, especially for taller people. Just be mindful of who plans on using the Horizon EX56, it can support users up to 250 lbs., any more weight and there's a good chance the frame will bow.

Horizon EX66 Elliptical Trainer

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The big difference between the Horizon EX56 and the Horizon EX66 is programs. Fitness programs can make or break an elliptical trainer and Horizon Fitness has packed the Horizon EX66 Elliptical Trainer full of programs. If you're new to cardio training, fitness programs can serve as a personal trainer encouraging you to go longer and creating a mixture of resistance, workout intensity, and duration to help get the most from an workout. The Horizon EX66 Elliptical Trainer is well worth the extra $200 to receive the benefits from the wide variety of fitness program options.

Horizon EX76 Elliptical Trainer

The Horizon EX76 is flagship of Horizon's elliptical trainer lineup. It sets itself apart from the other two Horizon Fitness Elliptical Trainers with a sturdier frame, even more programs, and heart rate control. Heart Rate Control that Horizon EX76 Elliptical Trainer has, can greatly increase the effectiveness of a cardio workout. Did you know the human body burns fat faster at certain heart rates? Heart Rate Control can help a cardio trainer reach and stay within a specific heart rate. Heart Rate Control tells a fitness program the heart is working too much or too little then adjusts workout intensity to stay within an ideal heart rate range.

That's not all. You're not likely to find another elliptical trainer under $1000 that's this solid. Poorly designed or manufactured elliptical trainer frames can wobble and shake. Shaking is incredibly distracting and noisy and is a sure sign your elliptical trainer won't survive more than a couple years of workouts.

Final Thoughts Horizon Fitness elliptical trainers are the best elliptical trainers under a $1000. You're not likely to find anything in this price range that doesn't have significant mechanical issue or skimps on crucial features like fitness programs and resistance levels. If you've been searching for the best cheap elliptical trainers, the Horizon Fitness brand is your best choice!

This article was written by Mike Reyes, a long time fitness equipment veteran with years of experience assembling, fixing, and marketing fitness equipment. His opinions are based on millions of dollars worth of fitness equipment deals and auditing fitness equipment repair bills. You can read his treadmill, home gym, and elliptical trainer review site at



That's wonderful. I've been investigating this machine because I deal with foot pain. I still want to be able to use an elliptical, but the bike feature is also helpful if my feet are hurting. I'm happy to see you found a machine that you and your wife can share. Thanks for the review.