The EnterTrainer: Powering TV With Exercise

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The EnterTrainer Exercise Gadget

The EnterTrainer is one of the coolest health and exercise gadgets that I have seen. It's also one of the strangest workout devices that helps overcoming laziness while exercising.


The EnterTrainer comes with a universal remote control and powers your TV with exercise. Working with your heart monitor this universal remote control tells your TV if you are exercising hard enough. The TV listens carefully. If you are not exercising hard enough within your cardio-target zone the TV brings down the volume of your favorite program as you are watching it and exercising. If your exercise rhythm is normal the TV keeps the volume up so you can listen.

In other words if you would like to exercise and watch your favorite program you need to exercise hard, within your cardio-target zone.

The EnterTrainer is a very nice health gadget for those who lack motivation for exercise and workout. It is an "Exercise motivation and fitness training tool for use with any exercise equipment or activity - treadmill, elliptical, bike, calisthenics, push-ups, jump rope, exercise videos etc. Helps with weight loss, depression, general health improvement."



Sounds very interesting, the idea of conquering laziness with exercise.