Exercise Your Body And Mind While At Work

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You don't have to back away from the computer to take a break. In fact, your computer will help you enjoy quick five minute workouts throughout your day! With FLOW you can burn calories and lose weight while remaining in your seat. The over consuming schedules of modern day business life make it almost impossible to find the time to exercise throughout the workday. In addition, over-reliance on technology has dramatically limited our daily physical activity, and sitting for long hours in one position can increase the risk of becoming overweight and developing osteoporosis, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, and musculoskeletal problems. Now, thanks to FLOW software program, this much needed daily physical activity has become available to everyone. FLOW is a convenient and indispensable new tool for anyone desk bound during the work week.

The FLOW program is endorsed by best selling author and celebrity trainer, Kathy Kaehler. This fitness guru has worked with celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Michelle Pheiffer, Cindy Crawford, Lisa Marie Presley, Denise Richards, Claudia Schiffer, Kim Basinger and most recently Kim Kardashian. Kathy is always looking for the latest in fitness tools and was instantly attracted to FLOW for the convenience it provides. She feels that "if working out at home or at a gym is impossible, then an office workout is crucial since many Americans work long hours sitting at desks with very limited physical activity."

FLOW recently received the National Health & Wellness Club Member Tested & Recommended Seal of Approval and further information can be found in the March/April 2008 issue of Today's Health & Wellness magazine.

What is FLOW?

The FLOW workout program provides seven five-minute video exercises to be performed while sitting at a desk. Complete with a "virtual coach" and a nutrition center, FLOW contains all the elements that help you stay on track to a healthier body. With the program, you also have access to tons of inspiring affirmations that promote the healthier lifestyle and daily reminders that fuel your self confidence and determination, even in the midst of a stressful workday.

Your pre-set exercise intervals (15 min, 30 min., one-hour, two-hours) will pop-up on a screen throughout your workday, inviting you to do "sit-exercises." You can engage in as many five-minute exercise sessions as you like throughout the day. All exercises are conveniently designed to be performed in a sitting position at your desk and cover all the major muscle groups including chest, abdominal, biceps/triceps, shoulders, back, legs and full body stretching.

If you are on a diet, FLOW can help maintain your motivation to eat properly through motivational messages, ensuring you stay on track and eat healthy.

Why is FLOW so Important to Modern Day Life?


FLOW is a very timely tool that has come to the business world because of the severe consequences of modern sedentary lifestyles (i.e. sitting at a computer all day). The lack of physical activity during the day is leading to the development of such health problems as: hearth disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, weight gain, muscular-skeletal problems, repetitive movement injuries, and depression and anxiety.

The founder/creator of FLOW, Dr. Renee Nasajon (Florida licensed psychologist) describes FLOW as, "a program that facilitates the circulation of blood, elevates the oxygenation of your brain, releases tension from your muscles, gives you a greater capacity for concentration, creates a better mood, and decreases cravings for sweets, caffeine, and tobacco." By initiating several spurts of physical activity throughout the day, FLOW helps to automatically increase your mental alertness and physical energy, while releasing stress and its detrimental effects on the body and the mind.

FLOW forces you to take a five minute break every hour or so to move your body, which will make you burn extra calories, pump blood into your brain and the rest of your extremities, oxygenizing your whole body and giving a break to the heart. In addition, it helps you activate the inner muscles that eventually will help you burn the "inner fat" or the fat tissue surrounding your organs and that is dangerous for your health.

What are the Benefits of FLOW for Employers?

Created with the desk-bound office employee in mind, FLOW will positively impact a company's bottom line. An economically efficient program, FLOW motivates employees to take healthy breaks and get active. In addition to the obvious health benefit, employees will experience an increase in their productivity. The Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report found that 66% of employed adults in the U.S. do not engage in moderate or vigorous physical activity beyond work and also that daily occupations of almost 60% of the population do not demand moderate physical activity. However, companies that encourage activity among their workers experience an increase in profitability by taking care of their employees' health. Healthier employees results in lowered health care costs for the company and lower chances of paying worker's compensation in the future.

A recent pilot study testing FLOW efficacy found that employees who used FLOW for five consecutive months experienced:

-- significant drop in blood pressure

-- substantial increase in physical activity outside working hours

-- greater feelings of energy and alertness

-- decreased tension


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