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Equipment Needs for Strength Training Exercise

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Strength training requires little special equipment, but there are a few basic necessities:

A sturdy chair and exercise space

Find a strong, stable chair without arms that does not rock or sway when you sit in it or move when you stand up from it. When you're seated in the chair, your knees should be at a 90-degree angle and your feet should be flat on the ground. If the chair is too high, find one with shorter legs; if it's too low, try putting a pillow or a folded blanket on the seat to give you a slight boost.

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For your exercise space, choose an open area, preferably carpeted, with at least enough space for your chair and ample room to walk around it. Carpeting will prevent the chair from sliding. On bare floor, put your chair against the wall. If you think you might like to exercise to music or while watching television, plan your space accordingly.

Good shoes for Exercise

Good shoes are essential for any exercise. For strength training, try athletic shoes with good support, such as walking, running, or cross-training sneakers. The sole should be rubber, but not too thick, as fat soles may cause you to trip. If you don't already have shoes that fit this description, you can find them at sporting goods, discount, and department stores.

Comfortable clothing for Exercise

Wear loose, cool, comfortable clothing that breathes well during exercise