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Exercise and Workout

Why Exercise Holds the Key to Unlocking Gut Health


The gut is a hot topic these days as the light of scientific knowledge penetrates all of the secrets coiled within the 28 feet of human intestines. Recent research conducted by the University of Illinois sheds light on the role of exercise in gut health, and their findings may astonish you.

New Study Shows That Intense Exercise Slows Parkinson’s Disease


In a new study conducted by a team of researchers from Northwestern Medicine and the University of Colorado School of Medicine it was found that the progression of Parkinson’s Disease can be slowed by several days of intense exercise a week in early cases. Geoffrey Rogers was one participant grateful to experience the benefits.

Rethinking RICE: The Old Standard Method May Not Actually Be the Best Treatment for Acute Injuries

Sports injury RICE protocol

In my years working as a rehabilitation therapist, the standard treatment for acute musculoskeletal injuries was RICE - Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. Without fail, we recommended this protocol to reduce inflammation and pain. Inflammation, we were taught, increases pain and delays healing. But a new school of thought may be turning the RICE protocol on its head.

No Excuses, No Gym Workout Needed: 10 Powerful Quick Exercises To Fit Into Any Day

Jumping for Joy

Can’t fit in an hour a day, or even 3 times a week at a gym? You don’t need to. No worries. There are many ways to get in the exercise you need to stay or get fit in short spurts throughout the day.

8 Ways to Make Walking For Exercise More Fun

make walking for exercise more fun

Walking is the most popular and common form of exercise, yet walking for exercise isn’t always fun. In fact, like drinking water, it can be boring. When exercise isn’t enjoyable, you’re less likely to be motivated, and if you’re trying to lose weight or maintain it, that can be a real bummer.

What if your doctor prescribed exercise instead of medicine?

Doctors prescribing exercise instead of medication

How would you feel if your doctor wrote a prescription for exercise instead of handing you one for medication? You might be surprised to learn that's exactly what more physicians are doing and there is good reason your doctor's thinking may be changing.

Seven Best Ways to Burn Fat by Exercising at Home

Walking Fast

If you can't afford a gym or don't want to start yet another boring diet then you'll love this article, which features the seven best ways to burn fat at home with exercise. They're developed by Los Angeles–based celeb trainer Ramona Braganza, who has helped shape the amazing bodies of stars like Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, and Anne Hathaway, and Ramona told Health magazine writer Su Reid-St. John that any one of the exercises below will boost your metabolism for an entire day!