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Aetna Walkstations partnership to enable walking while working

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Aetna Insurance Company and Details, the manufacturers of Walkstation, have created a partnership to bring wellness into the workplace through a novel option to walk while you work.

The Details Walkstation is an exclusively engineered moving treadmill (maximum speed of 2mph) with a height adjustable worktable attached. The two companies are joining together to offer the Details Walkstation to the Aetna employees at an exclusive discount.

According to Details “Walkstation lets you walk comfortably, burn calories, feel healthier and more all while accomplishing the work you’d normally do while seated.” The response has been very positive to since the Walkstation’s introduction into the sedentary working environment.

Karen Weinseiss, the head of innovation and program development for Aetna says, "Aetna has been testing Walkstations with our own employees, and the response has been very positive.”

Sometime this year, Aetna plans to offer the same exclusive pricing discount, now available to their employees, to their Aetna insurance policy holders as well.

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This could become a positive trend for workplaces to adopt. Employees who follow wellness programs tend to be happier, more productive, and of less cost to employers.

Andy Wood, the Director of Ergonomics and Corporate Services gives a testimonial for the Walkstations stating, “ I have been in the health, wellness and ergonomics business for over a quarter of a century. Our initial studies with the Walkstation show that individuals not only burned calories, but also lowered their total cholesterol level and fasting blood sugars. In addition, their perceived stress levels declined and there was a greater feeling of well-being while at work.”

It is estimated that 25-30 percent of companies’ annual medical costs are spent on employees with high health risks. If an investment was made into employee wellness programs, such as adding Workstations, the company medical costs and loss of work time might significantly drop.

Thinking in terms of prevention and wellness, rather than loss and sick care, is always a better option. Benefits that can be seen by adopting a company wellness program are: more controlled health care costs, reduced employee absenteeism, improved productivity, better employee retention and improved employee morale.

Happier, healthier employees go hand in hand with more productive and cost-effective workplaces.



I'm preparing a research paper for a master's program on employee wellness, more specifically introducing work/walk stations on site of employer. I'm looking for statistics on usage. Can you help me out?