Health Insurance Law Repeal Would Effect 129 Million

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Affordable Health Insurance

New report shows that 129 million Americans could be adversely affected by the repeal of The Affordable Care Act Law aimed at providing affordable health insurance to millions.

As we all know, there is a great divide in our country right now over health insurance and the right to basic health care. The Affordable Care Act Law was enacted in March 2010 to protect Americans from health coverage providers that charge high premiums, or deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. There are many lawmakers that are trying to repeal this law. Since the law’s inception, many health insurance companies have already begun to implement changes to their policies that benefit the many people who are uninsured, or who are struggling with the high costs of affording health insurance with a pre-existing condition.


In a new report analysis released today by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, health insurance for 50 to 129 million (19 to 50 percent) of non-elderly Americans (65 or younger) with pre-existing conditions may be denied, or given higher rates, without the Affordable Care Act in place by the year 2014. If this act is repealed, individuals with pre-existing conditions such as: high blood pressure, arthritis, cancer, asthma, and heart disease, may be facing a grim reality in the denial of getting their health care needs met and covered by insurance.

The Affordable Care Act has already helped combat the discriminatory practices of certain health insurance companies. One example can be found in a temporary provision of the law called the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP). The PCIP is a high-risk coverage program that was created under this new law as a temporary solution until the law goes into full effect. The PCIP has already saved many lives by covering services that are necessary for pre-existing conditions. If you are one of the millions of Americans that could benefit from this plan you may visit: or call: 1-866-717-5826.

The Affordable Care Act will not only benefit those with pre-existing conditions, but also families, individuals, and small business, who will be able to use insurance exchange marketplaces that will give offer a wider variety of quality health insurance options. Source: analysis report: , The Affordable Care Act: