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Rapid-Acting Bayer Aspirin Hits the Markets

rapid-acting aspirin bayer

Over 500 Wal-Mart stores debuted a new rapid-acting aspirin product whose quickly absorbed formula claims to take away pain at twice the speed of standard aspirin.

Pro-Release Technology Speeds Up Absorption

The drug, called Bayer Advanced Aspirin, was developed using a new patent-pending Pro-Release Technology created by Bayer. This technology reduces the size of the aspirin molecules to a tenth of the previous product. These small particles are then incorporated into a quick disintegrating tablet that is easily absorbed in the digestive system.

“When it comes to effective pain management, speed of relief is as critical as the product’s strength. The Pro-Release Technology helps to speed up disintegration of the tablet, absorption into the bloodstream and, most importantly, time to pain relief,” said Wes E. Cetnarowski, M.D., Senior Vice President, Bayer Global Research and Development, Bayer HealthCare.

The new product dissolves six times more quickly in the stomach, enters the blood stream four times as fast and pain relief is noticeable twice as fast, the company claims.

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Bayer tested the product in clinical trials on participants experiencing dental pain. One group was given the original Bayer aspirin while the other was given the new Bayer Advanced formula. The results of the trial have not yet been published, however the German drug company says that the participants reported “meaningful pain relief [with the new product] twice as fast as previous Bayer Aspirin tablets.”

The company did, however, release the results of a national survey that they conducted which found that 44 percent of respondents experienced acute pain within the last two weeks. They calculated that this is equivalent to 44 million adult Americans that could have had more rapid pain relief in the last two weeks alone.

Over the last decade or so, as the cardiovascular benefits of aspirin have become widely accepted, aspirin use has become almost more known for these affects than its use for pain. However, with the launch of this new product the company hopes to reclaim its position as a maker of “tough pain relief” medications.

Whether or not this new product will add any improvements to its cardiovascular affects is not stated.

This new Bayer Advance Aspirin is now available in major retail stores across the US in both a regular and extra strength dose.



Did Bayer discontinue their Advanced Pro Release 500 mg aspirin and if so, why??? It eliminated pain FAST and for several days. Do they have an equivalent? HELP!