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Dukan Diet: The New Weight Loss Fad for Celebs


There is a new weight loss fad with celebrity names attached headed to the US next month. The book titled “The Dukan Diet”, whose tag line reads “The Real Reason Why the French Stay Thin” has been wildly popular in France for several years and will hit American book shelves in April.

The bride-to-be of Prince William, Kate Middleton, is rumored to be following this diet along side her mother in preparation for her wedding day. Other A-list celebrities such as Jennnifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman and Gisele Bundchen have also reportedly become “Dukamaniacs”, a term that has evolved for the diet's loyal followers.

The diet book, created by French physician Pierre Dukan, guides readers through a four-phase program. The first phase is called “attack” and encourages unrestricted eating of lean high-protein foods along with oat bran lots of water. The second phase, called “cruise” allows dieters to eat some vegetables. The third phase “consolidation” adds on two slices of bread, cheese, fruit, and bi-weekly celebratory rewards of dessert and wine. The final Dukan phase is called”stabilization” and only requires one day a week of reverting back to phase one principles and the rest of the week is unrestricted.

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Despite the diet's incredible popularity, it has received quite a bit of criticism for being just a re-worked version of the Atkins, a diet book phenomenon based on high-protein/low carbohydrate eating that fizzled after research failed to back up it's claims. “This is just another one of those diets invented by a charismatic individual who makes a lot of promises and has loads of testimonials but is not based on any scientific data whatsoever,” said Frank Sacks, chairman of the American Heart Association Nutrition Committee.

Sian Porter, a dietician associated with the British Dietetic Association says that the diet is not only difficult to stick with but also expensive and hard on the kidneys. These drawbacks won the Dukan diet a spot on their top 5 list of worst diets.

Nonetheless, the French continue to praise the diet and publishers are expecting Americans will do the same. The Dukan Diet book has sold 3.5 million copies in France and has now been translated into 14 different languages. It reported that the French doctor was paid 1.5 million dollars to bring his diet fad across the Atlantic to American readers.

The charismatic physician wrote in the introduction to his American edition of the book “My dear friends, today I am reaching out to you with the certainty that I can help you put an end to the inevitability of weight problems in North America. Now let this mutual journey begin!”

Image Source: Wikicommons