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The Biggest Loser Launches New Celebrity Cruise


Helping people loose weight on a Celebrity cruise vacation is the new venture for the The Biggest Loser franchise. Passengers will even get to hang out with the show's popular trainer Bob Harper along with other “fan favorite” contestants from the hit series.

Week-Long Weight Loss Cruise

The first week-long cruise will set sail on November 12 from Miami and will include stops in San Juan, Charlotte Amile, St. Thomas; and Philipsburb, St. Maarten.

On board The Biggest Loser cruisers will be provided with special meals, wellness lectures, cooking demonstrations, and exercise opportunities. Bob Harper will even be giving a keynote speech to motivate passengers to adopt healthy lifestyle habits. However, not all people on the Celebrity cruise will be participating in The Biggest Loser on-board experience, which creators say will create a more real-life situation for those who wish to loose weight. 24-hour food availability and all-you-can-eat freedom are potential challenges that passengers who wish to loose weight will have to face.

This is not the first cruise to offer a weight loss theme. Fitness cruises have been available for quite some time, however, this new Celebrity cruise will likely add significant competition to the industry due to its well known franchise name and success with helping very obese people loose weight.

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The Biggest Loser started as a reality television show which aired its first program in October of 2004. The show features contestants who compete for a cash prize by loosing weight. The show's popularity has lead it through 11 television series, merchandise development, a new weight-loss resort in Utah and now, it's latest edition: a Celebrity cruise.

With the rampant obesity problem in the United States it is no wonder people are tuning into this popular show. The contestants are just your average people who accomplish significant, and seemingly impossible, weight loss. Many report that they have been inspired by the show to loose weight. The Biggest Loser cruise will now give people the opportunity to participate in this type of weight loss coaching without having to go on the show.

"The biggest obstacles to healthy living are the bad habits we fall into over the years," fitness trainer Bob Harper said in a statement. "We hope that people will jump at the chance to take a fun vacation and learn about how easy it is to adopt a healthy, active life-style."

The cruise can accommodate 2850 passengers and costs $1295 per person.

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