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Am I Pregnant?

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If you are unusually tuned into your body, you might begin to suspect that you are pregnant within the first few days of pregnancy. But most women don't suspect they are pregnant until they miss a period, and a few don't suspect or believe they are pregnant for months after conception.

Five very common signs of early pregnancy are as follows. You may experience all, some, or none of these symptoms, as pregnancy symptoms vary from woman to woman.

  • A missed period. Missing your period is the most clear-cut sign of pregnancy. But it is not definitive. Stress, excessive exercise, dieting, and other factors may cause irregular periods.
  • Frequent trips to the bathroom. Even before missing a period, many pregnant women report having to urinate more often. You may even have to get up during the night! This occurs after the embryo has implanted in the uterus and begins producing the pregnancy hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). This hormone triggers frequent urination.
  • Fatigue. Utter exhaustion is a very early sign of pregnancy. Fatigue is a result of high levels of the hormone progesterone.
  • Morning (and noon and night!) sickness. Guess what? That queasy feeling isn't limited to mornings. Most pregnant women who experience morning sickness " which can begin 2 weeks to 2 months after conception " feel slightly nauseated at other times during the day. About half have vomiting, but very few have severe enough morning sickness to develop dehydration and malnutrition.
  • Sore (and enlarging) breasts. If you are pregnant, your breasts will probably become increasingly tender to the touch, similar to the way they feel before your period, only more so. Your nipples may also begin to darken and enlarge. Once your body grows accustomed to the increase in hormones, the pain will subside.

Other signs of pregnancy can include:

Implantation bleeding (spotting). Some women experience a light spotting or a brownish discharge. This spotting can occur at about the time the regular period would occur and can last for a few days to a few weeks.

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Food cravings, constant hunger. Some women begin to crave certain foods, constantly feel that they are hungry, or may avoid foods that they previously liked.

Metallic taste in the mouth. Many women complain of a metallic taste in their mouth during the early stages of pregnancy.

Headaches and dizziness. Headaches and the feeling of lightheadedness and dizziness are common during early pregnancy and are the result of hormonal changes and changes in blood volume.

Cramping. Some women experience period-like cramps. If cramps are felt mainly on one side or are severe, it's important to contact your doctor immediately.

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Hi, I'm just really curious about this subject I don't know if others have the same Problem as I do but I don't really understand my body all that well....I had a miscarriage when I was 20 and I've been having almost all the symptoms I've been having now and I'm 21. For the past two months have been really weird for me. My menstrual cycle is all messed up because I've always had irregular periods, but mine have ALWAYS lasted seven days. The past two months they have been only lasting 3 days and (Not to be gross or anything) but like the blood was like old brown blood. It was weird for me to see this because this kind of thing has never really happened to me before not even when the first time I was pregnant. I've been feeling very very tired and sore, nauseated every single day, hungry every hour of the day,really really bad heartburn or acid reflux,and have been having the same cravings when I was pregnant before and I just been feeling blah. I've heard that all pregnancies are different but I'm not 100% sure that I am or not. I've taken a test in August 5th 2016 and it said negative and I took one Today September 30th 2016 and It also said negative. But when I was pregnant before I had all negatives before I got my faint positive. (Then it was kind of too late at that point because when I actually found out I was 12 weeks then I just lost it :/ so yeah...) It's been hard for me to try again because the first time just kind of scared me for life. So 3 weeks after my period I decided to try again then ever sense then I've been noticing a slight change like my hormones changing dramatically (I'm the type that never really been craving sex and now I just want it ALL the time, I'm like obsessed with it.) I've been having to use the bathroom to go pee like every 5 to 10 minutes and I've been bloating here and there it's getting slightly annoying. So any kind of help/advice would help me out a lot. Thank you for your time.
I'm 19 and I had a pink spotting 1 week ago and now currently I'm experiencing mild cramping,nauseous and brown discharge.I feel tired and sleepy all the time could I be pregnant? #Corncerned
I came on my mensual last week my last day was Friday...a week later an I'm on again... Rewind...my breast was sore about a few day into it..the first time...what's going on? My boyfriend ask if i was pregnant all week an he knows I just went off! I'm scared to test...even tho I think I'm not...what y'all think
I started my period 9 days ago. These last couple days I have been wanting to eat and eat. I have been going to the bathroom alot and having head aches almost every day the past week and I'm having cramps. Am I pregnant? Is it to early to test?
My cycle went off on the 12. About 4 days ago I threw up some pizza, after that I was cooling but I'm always hot when it's cold and I've been feeling bloated and I been having cramps for the last 2 days feeling nauseous but nothing comes up. My cycle is due in 10 days should I wait to take a pregnancy test
Its been a month that my period didnt visit me. Is it possible that im pregnant? I have a sore breast which i usually get before my period comes, other than that i have no other symptoms, i have not taken preg test as of yet, do i have to wait a couple of days
My girlfriend and i had unprotected sex a week after she got the depo injection to stop her from getting pregnant but recently she has had blood spots in her underwear, her period came late and shes been vomiting blood she also took a pregnancy test and it came back negative but im just worried about the other symptoms should i be worried?
If she is puking blood and spotting blood into her panties that may be side effects of the depo shot. But still have her take a pregnancy test or get her to a doctor! the blood could be really dangerous and may possibly lead to something worse.
Me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex on 10/15 he was inside of me for only a minute or two tho. I took plan b just be safe. Then on 10/20 the same thing happened but I didn't take plan b, 2 days later I had spotting. I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative. But I haven't had my period and I now I am starting to have a gluten intolerance. Am I pregnant? Or is it the plan b?
After one week of my period I got brwn discharge and due this I guess my nxt period is 10 days late what should I do ?
After one week of my period I got brwn discharge and due this I guess my nxt period is 10 days late what should I do ?
Ok so i had unprotected sex twice yesterday and both times he came inside me. Now today im spotting but im not supposed to get my period yet. What does this mean? Could i be pregnant?
Pls i nid ur help,dont know if am pregnant or not.around febuary my period refused to show up,it repeated itself this november i.e i did nt see my period dis november.it came out on d 3 of december i did pt nd it result was no bt am having some of the symptoms bt all.am i pregnant or not?
Hi! I have a question for all you women out there. I am 17 years young & over the past 2 days I have gotten sick twice. They all occurred at night. The first time I woke up out of my sleep & had to run to the bathroom before I could make it. The second time I was in the shower and it happened. Before each time I felt sick to my stomach and then like 15 minutes later it would happen. I have been having unprotected sex with my one partner for the last 2 years. I have not done this before or had any signs. But I have also been having this discharge that I usually don't have. Can any one help me please? My period should start next week but thats to long for me to have this just running through my mind.
Hi I'm 22yearsold me an my husband trying to have a baby about 4months ago we have sex everyday and now in in periods 2 times a month and I got cramps in my stamuch can I be pregnant
I am 18 my boyfriend and I had sex on Dec. 3rd and 10th and my period came a day late. Started Dec. 22nd- Wednesday 28th. But I had it heavy for 7 days and I usually only have it for 5 days and very light. Then the next 2 days so the 29th and 30th days I spotted. On the 30th day I had been having abdominal pain. And ever since then I have been having it. I am currently on the meds. Doxycycline. I also woke up with headache. And have been having headache more frequently. I took a test and it came back negative. I had sex with my boyfriend again on the 1st. And this morning I woke up feeling sick like I had to throw up. The smell of food would make me sick. As I still experience abdominal pain. Is there a chance I am pregnant?
I have been pregnant before and am familiar with the symptoms. However it has been a while. For the past month in a half I have been very tired, a lot more then usual, My breast are very tender, I have had a lot of nausea, constipation, dizziness, I am moody, I've vomited twice so far and am very bloated. I have also had a whitish discharge. I did have start my period on December 9th, ( a week early) but symptoms did not go away. I had a tubal 11 years ago and did have a tubal pregnancy a little over 2 years a go. Do you think I could still be pregnant even though I had a period Dec,9th?
Can somebody help me I started spotting for 5 days then the next day I started bleeding a lot more but not as much as my regular period I've been having crazy mood swings my belly feels very bloated and I hardly don't have an appetite
i'm having a lighter than normal period which started yesterday evening. today morning I experienced some nausea and in the afternoon I started feeling a weird taste in my mouth. i'm 23 years old and had sex without protection countless of times during this month. could I be pregnant?
my boyfriend n I had sex 4 days after my period 4th jan n I took Postinor2 n 3days later I saw some brown stain on my panties which lasted a day n my previous period came on d 7th of December n also on d 29th of December n now my period didn't show up again n d month is almost gone pls does dat me am pregnant
My boyfriend and i have been sexually active lately i feel nauseated and my mood is switching itself all around. I don't understand what is happening can someone help me? could there be a possible chance i'm pregnant?
So I had sex 4 weeks ago . And my boyfriend cummed in me 5 times and today I was I spotted light pinkish reddish but it was just like a wipe and it stopped I've been getting a cramp on one side my boobs are so sore and I get light-headed and I've been getting really nauseated can somebody help me
Im pooing more than once a day and im really gassy and my boobs are tender to touch and getting cramps, is there a possibility of pregnancy? Also been really tired too.
I have been having pregnancy symptoms and I've never been pregnant before. I missed my period and haven't had it it's been like a week and a day I'm having spotting and exhaustion and cramping and sickness and change in foods. Headaches and dizziness. I've taken a test and I said positive keep in mind it's only been a week and a day
I've been nauseous for three day started throwing up last night and just now I've been having to go to the bathroom a lot and I've been dizzy and tired for the past few days could I be pregnant? I've had sex 9 times this month and I've never felt like this before please help
So I have been having a little by cramping but I'm constantly having cravings for sushi and cotton candy but I'm not feeling nauseous at all but I eat more food and lately can I be pregnant
can someone help me? My boyfriend and i had unprotected sex and the next day I had cramps. I did end up getting the morning after pill within 72 hours and then i got all pregnancy symptom throwing up, gas, cramps, eating habits change, and dizziness, etc. The day my period was supposed to start it came on but was light it started pink and then went to red then brown and now i have yellowish discharge when i wipe. i took a test yesterday and it came back negative could i be pregnant or do i need to go back to the doctors?
I feel pain in my breast and feels my stomach hard. Feels like omitting when I had my food. I missed only one day of periods. Is this symptoms of pregnancy.
I feel pain in my breast and feels my stomach hard. Feels like omitting when I had my food. I missed only one day of periods. Is this symptoms of pregnancy.
Hi Iam 23 and married. Now my breast feels pain and feels omitting when I have food. I only missed one day of my periods and also my stomach feels hard now. Whether I will be pregnant?