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Am I Pregnant?

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If you are unusually tuned into your body, you might begin to suspect that you are pregnant within the first few days of pregnancy. But most women don't suspect they are pregnant until they miss a period, and a few don't suspect or believe they are pregnant for months after conception.

Five very common signs of early pregnancy are as follows. You may experience all, some, or none of these symptoms, as pregnancy symptoms vary from woman to woman.

  • A missed period. Missing your period is the most clear-cut sign of pregnancy. But it is not definitive. Stress, excessive exercise, dieting, and other factors may cause irregular periods.
  • Frequent trips to the bathroom. Even before missing a period, many pregnant women report having to urinate more often. You may even have to get up during the night! This occurs after the embryo has implanted in the uterus and begins producing the pregnancy hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). This hormone triggers frequent urination.
  • Fatigue. Utter exhaustion is a very early sign of pregnancy. Fatigue is a result of high levels of the hormone progesterone.
  • Morning (and noon and night!) sickness. Guess what? That queasy feeling isn't limited to mornings. Most pregnant women who experience morning sickness " which can begin 2 weeks to 2 months after conception " feel slightly nauseated at other times during the day. About half have vomiting, but very few have severe enough morning sickness to develop dehydration and malnutrition.
  • Sore (and enlarging) breasts. If you are pregnant, your breasts will probably become increasingly tender to the touch, similar to the way they feel before your period, only more so. Your nipples may also begin to darken and enlarge. Once your body grows accustomed to the increase in hormones, the pain will subside.

Other signs of pregnancy can include:

Implantation bleeding (spotting). Some women experience a light spotting or a brownish discharge. This spotting can occur at about the time the regular period would occur and can last for a few days to a few weeks.

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Food cravings, constant hunger. Some women begin to crave certain foods, constantly feel that they are hungry, or may avoid foods that they previously liked.

Metallic taste in the mouth. Many women complain of a metallic taste in their mouth during the early stages of pregnancy.

Headaches and dizziness. Headaches and the feeling of lightheadedness and dizziness are common during early pregnancy and are the result of hormonal changes and changes in blood volume.

Cramping. Some women experience period-like cramps. If cramps are felt mainly on one side or are severe, it's important to contact your doctor immediately.

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okay we had sex, well he pulled out, no condom,,, and i have lil brown blots in my panties... and im always hungry, and my back hurs.. does this mean im pregnant?
I was just wondering how long to wit after ur missed period to take the test...???
my b/f and i had sex on the last day of my period which was jan 8th 09.. he cum inside of me, and i was wondering is it possible that i may be.. my stomach feels kind of crampish like from time to time even though its only been a week and a half, is it possible that i might be.. but if im not pregnant is there any tips for me to getting pergnant.we are trying to have a baby. thnxxx any replys please email me [email protected] thnxx
That if you are too young to not know whether you can get pregnant from anal sex or not, then you shouldn't be having sex. At least educate yourself before you possibly bring a kid into this world. Oh, and the answer is, no. You CANNOT get pregnant by anal sex.
it is possible to get pregnant if you have anal sex, though not through the act itself but if his semen has contact with your vaginal area... a man doesnt have to ejaculate directly into your vagina for you to get pregnant...pregnancy has the potential to occur if semen is presented in or AROUND the outside region of the vagina...this goes for pre- ejaculate as well
my boyfriend and i are very sexually active and he came in me like 4 times in one night about two weeks ago and i jus came on my period about two weeks after,im having very bad pains in my stomach,body hurts beyond bad but mainly my knees and back are killing me,i have migrane headaces,and i find myself not being able to sleep at night. none of these things eveer happen during my periods before!......could i possibly be pregnant somebody please let me knw!?
after having sex several times with my fiance from mid december and once early jan 09 i'v been sleeping a lot and had flu as well eating a lil bit not as usual and feeling tired everyday as well as spotting for few days instead of having my periods and headaches that do not last long.
Seems to me that everyone has pretty much the same question. I'm 18 and just recently got married and we dated for almost 2years and then we got married...when we was dating we hardly used protection and i havent gotten pregnant. Since we have been married we use protection everytime. Except for one day this past month the next day i got off my period. It was odd tho because it only lasted for 4 days. My period lasts from 5 to sumtimes 7 days. It was very ODD. But this past month i have been getting these overwelming feelings of being queazy and vomiting a few times in the past 2 or 3 weeks. I've had extreme migraines and tiredness and I'm working so that doesnt make it any easier...But i did start my period on time but ive had extremely bad cramps and even when i have taken midol it just hasnt seemed to work ive just had to deal with it. Ive wanted to crawl in a ball in the corner of the room and just cry...I havent taken a test because im on my period but all that happened just seemed odd...Any opinions to this odd occurance?????? I would love someones opinion on this PLEASE!!!!!!
hey calm down girl! Don't worry i know how you feel i have had the same exact feeling before. The cramping is normal and sometimes they can get as severe to not allow your body to take in the medication for it to work. If you are stressed or have had multiple mood swings lately it may have shortened the length of your period and also may be the cause of the migraines and tiredness. But to feel safe go ahead and take the pregnancy test.
I have been experiencing fatigue and dizziness for a couple of weeks now and have been bloated, urinating alot more and extremely irratible and moody. 1 week before my period was due i had a brown spot of blood in my pants and no more and then i experienced some shooting pains in my ovary area. i have recently started my period 1 day after it was due but it has only lasted 3 days when i am normally on for atleast 5 - 7 days. i have had 1 day normal red flow and the others have been mainly brown, i took a hpt but it came back negative. Any ideas if i may be pregnant or whether it may be something else? i already have one child who is 2 but didnt experience any bleeding with that pregnancy so am very confused, please help!
I have the IUD birth control and my and my ex boyfriend had sex but the condem slipped off and I was really late on my period. I took a pregancy test and the results were negative but why am I having the symptoms??
i have the same thing and have pregnacy symptoms if u find any thing out please help me out...
I feel a hearbeat pr pulse in my stomach when I put my hand over my belly I feel very tired when usually I'm always on the go non stop I am a mother of two and my oldest is 13th I hv been trying to get prenant for the past 3 years n I cnt I don't know what could be the problem but lately I feel tired my stomach feels blowded time to time I hv a lot of headaches my tights hurt like if they were cramping vomiting pretty much everything I eatbut my boobs don't hurt at all could there be anychanced that these are maybe symptoms?
That could actually be your own pulse..hope I helped!
I am worried, me and my husband had protected sex, but i think the comdom must of split, as my period is late by 1 week, my breasts are really painful, even to touch, and i am constantly hungry for all sorts of food, like i haven't eaten for weeks. I suppose the normal thing to do, is get a test kit, but i am scared to know, as i am very ill at the moment, and having a baby may harm me. We have alittle girl, she is 3, i cannot remember the tell tale signs. We wanted to wait afew years, until my illness calms down. It's a muscle illness. with no cure. Never knew i had it, until i had my first daughter, although my body ached like hell before. I would never have a abortion, even if i was going to die, and my baby gets to survive, but my husband would choose me. I wouldn't mind, it's been awhile, me and my husband have got any action, and it was GREAT. And i am only 30.
So last month I had a visit from aunt flo (my period) and it only lasted 3 days when I usually last 5 days at least it was also a lot lighter, I had taken a test 2 days before that happened cause I had this "feeling" I was pregnant, it's hard to explain it. Well, it shows negative but deep inside I really truely felt as if I was. Though, I only had slight cramps, headaches, tiredness, and my breast's had swollen up even sore. Well seeing that I had gotten a negative results with a home pregnancy test, I went on with my life even tho in the back of my mind, I still felt pregnant. My boyfriend started knoticing things about me and kept even still does say I'm pregnant. It's now 2 weeks before my next period and nothing has changed except, I feel really queasy from time to time, my headaches are a bit worse I have gainned weight, I am having a hard time sleeping at night too, it feels as if I'm awoken cause my body isn't resting, like it's in a going mode, I have blown it off til I recently discovered my breast's that had finally stopped hurting only a week maybe 2 wks, are really starting to hurt again, the swolleness from lasts months period on my breast's never went away. The light cramping hasn't subsided either so I started to watch my tempature level as of today thinking I was running a fever but I wasn't. The first tempature was 97.6 then it was 98.0 then, 98.6 I checked again it was 99.0. Can someone give me any points of view, I'm a tad bit confused and wondering. Thanks!
I'm 21 years old and ive been with my bf for almost 2and a half years. We have alot of sex. and we never use protection. i think i should of gotten pregnant alot of times. I would take birth control and stopped for a long time havent used it since a long time. Hes came in me Once about last month i was really scared that i was pregnant but nothing? why is that? I REALLY THINK i should have gotten pregnant by now =.( is something wrong with me? someone please let me know what you think please
hello my names is brionna and im only 14 but my x boy friend we had sex alot to and wit out protection and i didnt get pregnant the frist time and he came in me to byt the second time he came in me i have been feeling like i am am=n i told him but i ant get pregnant the frist time ever and i think thtas its something roung wit me to but i looked back the thing that we are not think is that it might be that we you want to get pregnant so bad that your telling your body to do something all the time that when its time to try to get pregnant that it want because its use to you wanting to do something that you dont realy want but if i was you i would have a talk wit your boyfriend and you to go to the doctures and ask him that but thats all the feed back i can give you but if any one have something els to add please rebly back to us thank you and good luck :)
What is wrong with u? Ur 14 & instead of thinking about your future even exams ur talking about getting pregnant, how r u & ur bf going 2 provide & look after a child when ur children urself. Focus on getting some ambition & when the time is right u will concieve.
it makes me sad to read all of these teenagers (babies themselves) talking about getting pregnant and some wanting to get preg. If you're worried about getting preg., USE A CONDOM. Or better yet, DON'T HAVE SEX. Now I know that's probably near impossible (you think) but really....you are 14, 15, 16, 17.... the REST of your LIFE will be different. You might not wish you'd have done OTHER things with your life for a while (maybe not even until you're 30, 40, which I'm sure is Impossible for you all to fathom being that "old" right now) but you will regret it. Focus on what is important, like SCHOOL and college. Have FUN while you CAN have fun. Have you not watched MTV's "16 and Pregnant". That is a glorified reality, but in some ways it is true. It is not easy. It is not fun. Babies are wonderful, just finish what you should before. You'll be glad you did....some day.
I'm sorry i really don't believe in anything you have just said. I am 17, got a permanent job, live in my own house with my boyfriend who's. Are you seriously gunna sit there and tell me i shouldnt a baby because i cant cope? Truth is everyones different. You get on with your life and college or whatever. And if someone wants to have a baby at 15 let them. If their not mature enough, they'll struggle. But everyones different. I work in a childrens nursery 5 days a week, come home and look after my child. I'm doing just fine.
it becomes an issue if tax payers are paying for these babies
I highly disagree with you. I'm a 14 year old female and it hurts to remind myself, but i was raped by my uncle at 12. I did get pregnant and have my child at twelve years old. I have been able to provide and look after him for the past 2 years he's been on this earth. If she wants to have a baby good for her! i'm proud to be a young mother. I don't need a man or "boy" there to help me, I don't even have to leave my house to get money! Shit good for that young lady if she is. Also maybe if you adults would remind yourselves on how our generation is today you would realize that there is plenty of males taking advantage of young ladies and making them believe its love its not there fault they want to make their partner happy! So until you've stepped into all these young girl's shoes, ask yourself. How would i have acted growing up as a teenager in this generation?
your ex-boyfriend? you are too young trust me...
Seriously, by what your writing above clearly showing how irresponsible you are, you should not be having sex. Why would you not use protection? You are way too young to be having sex. Watch an episode of Teen Mom, maybe that will wisen you up.
WTF?? You can't end up on TEEN Mom at 21... you're 21! Hello? Glad that you can go around telling people who should and shouldn't be having kids. You're not the law. -_- People like you make me punchy. I'm 26 and married... I was once 21 and married... and we don't use protection and guess what... we were having sex and not getting pregnant and I was wondering if something was wrong with me... and then there was. I have PCOS. So, oh God/dess of Fertility... can't say sh*t to me.
if you dont have an answer then shut the hell up k. mxm
I'm 16. i had sex June 30th. My last period was June 15th and it is august 8th and still no period. im always hungry. i look and feel bloated. im moody i cramp.
I got my period a little earlier then usual this month .... I had unprotected sex with my partner a few days after my period. It's been a week or so since then ... but my body feels like its going through my period. My stomach is cramping, my back hurts and I feel swollen but I'm not bleeding ... could I be pregnant? Or is it to early to tell?