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Baby's Gender Revealed as Early as Fifth Week of Pregnancy

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Gender Signs of Pregnancy

A new kit can tell parents a baby's gender as early as five weeks after conception.

With the Baby Gender Mentor(TM) Home DNA Gender Testing Kit, available from PregnancyStore.com, women no longer have to wait until their 18th week of pregnancy for an ultrasound test to possibly determine their babies' gender.

"Parents-to-be want to plan ahead; fifty to seventy percent of couples want to know if they're having a boy or girl rather than waiting for the delivery room 'surprise'," says PregnancyStore.com President Sherry Bonelli. "With Baby Gender Mentor, about the time a woman finds out she's pregnant, she can also find out whether she's having a boy or a girl."

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With the kit, a woman tests to confirm her pregnancy, then registers the kit online and pays a testing lab service fee of $250. Next, she'll take a finger-pricked blood sample and mail it to the lab along with the registration card in a pre-paid FedEx envelope. Within two business days upon receiving her blood specimen, the mother will receive the gender test results online.

Baby Gender Mentor Home DNA Gender Test employs cutting-edge, patent- pending technology to attain the earliest gender detection with unprecedented sensitivity and unsurpassed accuracy. The technique traces the amount of Y chromosomal DNA in the maternal blood to determine gender. If the Y chromosome DNA is present in the maternal blood sample, it's a boy; if the Y chromosome DNA is not present, it's a girl.

Baby Gender Mentor/Acu-Gen Biolab, Inc. guarantees that test results are 99.9% accurate. If the test result is incorrect, Baby Gender Mentor/Acu-Gen Biolab will refund double the amount paid for both the lab service and the $25 kit. Some restrictions apply.

Under no circumstances should the Baby Gender Mentor service replace a woman's visit to a doctor during pregnancy for ultrasounds and other pregnancy-related tests.

PregnancyStore.com specializes in bringing innovative products to mothers. PregnancyStore.com recently entered into a partnership with Acu-Gen Biolab, Inc., located in Lowell, Massachusetts. Acu-Gen Biolab conducted the research and service behind Baby Gender Mentor Home DNA Gender Kit.



I need to know your contarct details and how to order
Just a quick reply to let you know that we had the little girl we wanted so much on September 8th and we're pretty sure it's all down to the Alals Natural Birth Planning Center (http://www.alals.com) program. Our family of two boys and a girl is now complete.
Hi, I wanted to share my story with you.We are very fortunate to have one very happy healthy boy who is now 3 1/2 years old. While debating whether to have a second child or not, I started researching different methods on how to determine the sex of your baby. I found this Gender Selection Program. It appealed to me because it was different then the average book or website. I appreciated the honesty and the amount of information given upfront. The results seem the most realistic. So we decided to go for it. We have always wanted two boys and we were so lucky with our first son because we never used any methods. Because we wanted another boy so badly we thought this would be our best way to try. We started and we were anxious but patient. We followed it exactly the way they instructed which was a little tough at first - but certainly well worth it! I was frustrated some months because some of the dates landed on my period - but I understood that the timing was not right so we continued on. After 8 months of trying it finally worked and we found out that I was pregnant! It all made sense because I looked at the peak ovulation time of my cycle and the Crucial dates and it was a match!! We knew it was going to work because it was the first match in 8 months! A long 19 weeks of my pregnancy went by and then we finally had our ultrasound. The technician told us we were having another baby boy!! We were thrilled to pieces and feel so grateful to the Alals Natural Birth Planning Center (http://www.alals.com) for helping us make this happen! We have told all of our friends and family about it! Giant Regards, Donna & Gary MacLean Ontario, CANADA
have two girls am pregant again but would love a boy this time
I want to know sex of my baby
Just missed my period 4days ago I didn't plan for the pregnancy and I have 4giris already I seriously need to know the gender am worried