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Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms And Signs

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Ectopic pregnancy, also known as a tubal pregnancy, is a potentially life-threatening form of pregnancy in which implantation of the fertilized egg occurs outside the uterus.

Among 10,685 women studied, the risk of ectopic pregnancy within 10 years after sterilization was about 7 per 1,000 procedures. The likelihood of an ectopic pregnancy varied according to the method of sterilization and the age at which the women underwent the sterilization procedures. - Source: CDC

According to NIH the symptoms and signs of Ectopic pregnancy are the following:

Abnormal vaginal bleeding
Breast tenderness
Low back pain
Mild cramping on one side of the pelvis
Pain in the lower abdomen or pelvic area

If the area of the abnormal pregnancy ruptures and bleeds, symptoms may get worse. They may include:

Feeling faint or actually fainting
Pain that is felt in the shoulder area
Severe, sharp, and sudden pain in the lower abdomen

Internal bleeding due to a rupture may lead to shock. Shock is the first symptom of almost 20% of ectopic pregnancies. Treatment for shock may include:

Blood transfusion
Fluids given through a vein
Keeping warm
Raising the legs

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My discharge is brown n my breast are sore n im feelng dizzy n painful under my stomach n im having some how taste on my mouth

I'm expecting my periods this week.........I'm experiencing pain below left rib cage and pain in my pelvis its been a week.

Please see your doctors in both cases. Pelvic and stomach pain should be diagnosed because there are potentially serious causes for symptoms.


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