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Incompetent Cervix

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Incompetent cervix accounts for 20-25% of all second trimester losses. Many women do not even know they have an incompetent cervix until after they have experienced 2 or more losses in the second trimester.

A week before we lost our son, I had gone into the doctor's office for our 19-week ultrasound. My husband and I were so excited to know if we were having a boy or a girl. We were also excited to see real baby features aside from the blobs we had seen at earlier ultrasounds. We had left that office with such pride and we both were glowing from excitement.

A couple days later, I had felt something different. I knew the baby was going to be felt soon. In fact, I thought I had felt a little twinge of a foot or an arm before our ultrasound. But this feeling was something very different. I never had carried a pregnancy this far before so I was not sure what I was feeling. I felt as if the baby had moved somehow, as if the weight of the baby was causing more pressure on my intestines and bladder. Since it did not seem painful nor was it accompanied by other symptoms, I wrote it off as the baby just doing battle with my insides.

Tragedy hit us three days later. I started feeling as if I was constipated. I woke up early Monday morning with pain but it wasn't regular nor was it unbearable. I drank some prune juice and went back to bed. I awoke only an hour later to more pain. It still was not intense but it did start causing me some more concern. I kept feeling like I had to go to the bathroom but nothing would happen. Finally, I knew something wasn't right and I went to wake up my husband to take me to the emergency room.

I felt that sensation of having to go to the bathroom again. On my way from the bedroom to the bathroom, I felt this huge gush of fluid. Panic set in. I knew my water broke. I screamed for my husband to hurry and get dressed. He helped me lay down on the couch while he gathered his thoughts. I felt down between my legs and could feel something protruding from my vagina. Was it the sac? Was it my son's head? The pain became more intense. I knew I could not sit up in the car so we called for an ambulance.

The paramedics arrived quickly and put me on a stretcher. They were trying to assess what was happening. I heard them mention placenta previa. They thought they were looking at the bag of waters. I could feel my body push. The paramedic told me not to push if I could help it. I tried to stop my body from pushing but there was no control over the pushing. My son was born one minute before we reached the hospital. It was exactly one week since our ultrasound and the day before my 23rd birthday. Gabriel passed on from this earth an hour later.

Incompetent cervix accounts for 20-25% of all second trimester losses. Many women do not even know they have an incompetent cervix until after they have experienced 2 or more losses in the second trimester.

The causes of an incompetent cervix can range from trauma to the cervix including extensive cervical conization (cervical biopsy), uterine abnormalities and anomalies, exposure to the drug DES (diethylstilbestrol) and undergoing a forced D & C with a late pregnancy termination. Even previous childbirth can weaken the cervix. For some women, there is no definitive cause for an incompetent cervix. There are also claims that an incompetent cervix is over-diagnosed because often the indications for treatment are not always clear.

An incompetent cervix can be diagnosed through the use of manual examination. Vaginal ultrasounds are also helpful in monitoring the cervical length and checking to see if the cervix is opening. When the cervical opening is greater than 2.5 cm, or the cervical length has shortened to less than 20mm, a diagnosis can be made for incompetent cervix. Also, funneling of the cervix can be a sign that the cervix has begun to efface.

There are some symptoms you might experience due to incompetent cervix. The most common complaint is increased discharge and feeling some heaviness in the pelvis. This can be due to a dilated cervix that is feeling the pressure of the bag of waters. When the cervix is dilated, there is no pain until the membrane rupture and labor is triggered, or the bag of water moves so far into the birth canal in effect, bulging from the cervix. Tragically, many cases are not detected until premature delivery occurs.

Once incompetent cervix has been diagnosed, a woman undergoes treatment for future pregnancies, which involves a surgical procedure called a cerclage. The cerclage is a purse-string stitch (suture) that acts as an cinch to keep the cervix from dilating. It is often placed between 12-15 weeks in pregnancy. The stitch is inserted surgically while the patient is under spinal, epidural, or general anesthesia. Often times the procedure is an outpatient surgery, although there is a chance that the woman may still need to spend the night in the hospital if she begins to experience cramping or extensive bleeding.

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There are 5 types of cerclages that can be used; the McDonald, Shirodkar, Hefner, abdominal stitch, and Lash.

* The McDonald stitch is the most common for it is the easiest to use and can allow for vaginal delivery. The stitch is weaved in and out of the cervix and pulled tightly and tied to keep the cervix closed.

* The Shirodkar can be both permanent (requiring a cesarean section) or it can be removed near term. This stitch is started at a 12 o'clock position, worked through the cervix to a 6 o'clock position, ending back in the 12 o'clock position on the other side of the cervix. It is also pulled tightly and tied to keep the cervix closed. How the stitch is tied off determines whether it will be removed or if it is permanent.

* An abdominal stitch is used when there is too little cervix to work with. It is used to stitch the upper and lower part of the cervix together and requires a cesarean section for delivery.

* The Hefner cerclage is commonly used when incompetent cervix is diagnosed later in pregnancy. It has an added benefit when there is little cervix to work with. This cerclage is removed closer to term as well.

* The Lash cerclage is the only type that is placed prior to pregnancy. In cases where there has been extensive cervical trauma or an anatomical defect, this stitch can be used. It is permanent and requires a cesarean delivery.

It is important to discuss all risks with your doctor prior to undergoing surgery for a cerclage. They include infection, tearing of the cervix from excessive pressure, premature rupture of the members, chorioamnionitis (infection of the membranes), pre-term labor, uterine rupture, maternal hemorrhage, and rarely, injury to the bladder

What can you expect after you have had a cerclage placed? Once the cerclage has been placed, you will be put on bedrest from a period of 24-72 hours. There could be a restriction of activity or possibly continued bedrest if complications occur. Intercourse is also restricted once the stitch is in place due to increase risk of infection and trauma to the cervix. Spotting can occur after a stitch is placed as well as cramping. It is important to look for signs of increased discharge with odor, heavy bleeding, burning, itching, fever over 101, or heavy cramping. If you notice any of these symptoms, it is urgent you contact your physician.

The McDonald or Shirodkar stitch is often removed around weeks 37 and 38. Depending on the type of stitch, it can be removed in the office or in Labor and Delivery. Infection, pre-term labor, or premature rupture of the membranes might facilitate an earlier removal. Often, labor comes within a couple weeks of the removal of the stitch. For those who have a permanent stitch, the doctor, according to the patient's needs, schedules a cesarean section.

While it's frightening to be pregnant again once you have been diagnosed with IC, the outlook is very good. With treatment there is a success rate of 80-90%. There is every reason to feel optimistic, especially when the cerclage is done early in pregnancy. Emergency cerclages have a lower success rate due to other complications, such as a bulging membrane from the cervix, premature rupture of the membranes, or infection.

Since the loss of our son, I have been diagnosed with an incompetent cervix. I know this means we will face more challenges to starting our family. Once I make it to 12 weeks, my doctor plans on giving me a cerclage. I am hopeful that this will help us carry to term. While it may include risks and changes in lifestyle, all I can focus on is how much it will be worth enduring if I can come home from the hospital with my next baby in my arms.

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Written by Tristine Miller and Julie Snyder
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I read this, now being 2008 and can relate to the author's experience. I lost our baby Matilda at 23 weeks two years ago. We've come back from the Obst appointment today, I learn that I will get a stitch in a month - when we are at 12 weeks... I wonder how the author got along? Anyway, I'm keen to hear any stories regarding such a procedure and pregnancy.
I lost my baby Ayla at 21 weeks 4 weeks ago. My first bub Rani (a prem) arrived at 31 wks. Rani is nearly 2 years and is thriving. My pregnancy with Ayla was going good, heavier discharge this pregnancy. Had my 19 week scan and all was good and was told that I was too take it easy from 20 wks - we were hoping I was going to make it to 34 wks this time. I had no pain, but slight show of blood on a Saturday which later turned to brown that same day. I dismissed this as had bleed in both of my preganancies at the 11 to 12 mark and as I felt movements from Ayla I was not concerned. Went to work on Monday and just as I was finishing went to the toilet and once again saw some bright spots of red when i wiped. This concerned me so I rung my doctor and was told to come down asap for a check up. Ayla was fine...she was jumping up and down on my cervix. My doctor did an internal and thats when she found Ayla jumping on her fingers and she said we had to rush into surgery so she could put in suture in. My doctor told me I had 50 percent chance I was going to loose Ayla....I was mortified. After the surgery, I was having some serious cramping...I was given ventolin, pethadine and sleeping tablets so I would not move and was on strict bed rest so we could save Ayla....The next 48 hours and the cramps subsided and I felt normal except that i was confined to a bed an could not spend with my family for Christmas. I was happy to doing this if this mean't Ayla was going to make it. On my 6 day in hospital.....They were planning on letting me go in a couple more days as everything was going good, I started to get contractions again. They started out mild but were reqular at about 15 minutes apart. After 14 hours of contractions my pain started to get quite uncomfortable. I kept calling the nurses to let them know what was going on and I kept puffing on my ventolin ( it is meant to relax the cervix and stop contractions) but it didn't work. As the pain become unbearable I asked for pethadine, sleeping pills....what ever they could give me so I could relax and not move and wait for my pains to subside....but nothing would work. After hours of praying to my angels to look after Ayla and to make this stop, I felt the need to push.....I tried to put the pushing out of my head but the urge was to great....I pushed the nurses botton who then wheeled me to the labour suites and called my doctor to deliver Ayla. My doctor had to take out the stitch and then almost straight away Ayla was born (RIP my darling angel) without breathing. I got to hold my beautiful little baby girl. I was told that Ayla did not suffer as the contractions would have stopped oxygen to the placenta and it would have been quick. I went to see my doctor 4 days later and I passed a 5 cm piece of placenta at home and was told I had an incompentent cervix - (I have a bicornate spaped uterus too which I already knew). Was told that when I come in for my 6 weeks checkup that my doctor would look at my cervix and see if I need a stitch prior to even falling pregnant or one at 12 weeks. I think when I see her next I am goin to say stick one in now! It is not good if you have a miscarriage in your first trimester as you have to go back for surgery to remove stitch but let me tell you......I could not go through with loss again
I have lost 4 babies because of an incompetent cervix it tokk losing three babies before the diagnosis was made the 4rth pregnancy a cerclage was done but unfortunately the stitch came loose.I just recently found out that I am pregnant again and although I am soooo very Happy I am also petrified the thought of losing another baby is almost to much to bare.
Just this past Sunday (April 4th 2010) I started to feel light cramping but passed it off as normal pregnancy pains as I had always had them off and on. On Monday as I was going to the washroom I felt something come down my vaginal canal and decided I better go to the hospital. I was rushed into the emergancy room right away and as I waited I felt my baby move for the first time. I was just 19 weeks and it was my first baby. The doctor examined me and told me my membrane had come through the cervix and there was nothing that could be done. The chances of a stitch holding were nil because I as dialated and there was only 1cm of cervix on either side to stitch to and I was having contractions. My husband and I decided that we would leave it in gods hands as the baby was moving and still had a heart beat. I stayed in the hospital in bed from Monday to Thursday. I thought things were looking better as the cramping had subside for most of the Wednesday and the baby was still moving. I woke up on Thursday morning with worse pain and thought I felt the baby touch the top of my uturus so I knew things were getting worse. At the end of the day the doctor did and ultrasound and the baby had dropped throught the cervix and only his head was above. At that point we knew there was no stoping it. The doctor was scheduled to come back in at 10pm to break the water and deliver our little baby. At around 7pm I asked for medication as the contractions were every two min. About half and hour later my water broke and our baby was born at 8:29pm. He lived until 10:30pm. I am thankful to have got to hold him and get pictures. I was also told next time I find out I am pregnant we will have a stich put in at around 12weeks. The whole ordeal has been more devistating then I ever would have imagined. Its hard to think of having another child when all I wanted was him. RIP George
I too have gone through the loss of a baby due to incompetent cervix at 20 weeks years back. At the time I had to go to the restroom and noticed something was trying to come out of my vagina. At that time I yelled for my friend to come and help me and requested that she take me to the hospital. When I arrived I started bleeding and the physician placed me in a position with my feet in the air and head to the ground to try to have to baby decend back into position. Unfortunately, I loss my son and since then have had a cerclage with every pregnancy. I am now on my sixth child. Even though every pregnancy has resulted in premature delivery, I have gotten farther than I would have ever expected. Getting a cerclage will ensure a viable baby and will take you alot farther than before. Best wishes and prayers to everyone going through this.
I'm so sorry to hear of your losses. I am at risk for cervical incompetence because of a cone biopsy I had less than a year ago. I am 13 weeks pregnant. My midwife has told me that my cervix is on the long end of normal and that I shouldn't worry. We'll be getting another ultrasound around 16 or 18 weeks. What I wonder is, how long does it take the cervix to dilate to a dangerous point once it begins todilate? And, are women only at risk if the have a short cervix lenght to begin with?
I too had a similar story just two short weeks ago when we lost our twin girls.. Ashleigh and Brooke. I was 20 weeks when I went to the hospital complaining of a bloody mucus. After the doctor examined me he sent me home. After about 20 minutes of being home I started having sharp pains in my stomach. After about an hour the pains were getting harder so I got my husband to bring me back to the hospital. When they examined me again I had bulging membranes. I was so scared as my first pregnancy was similar and I delivered a 24 week baby who is now nearly 10 years old. The doctors this time admitted me to hospital and put me in the trendellenberg position ( basically upside down) and I was not allowed to move. I was given morphine, demerol, ventoloin, etc for the pain but nothing worked. I then started bleeding heavily. This lasted for almost two weeks. My nerves were nearly gone but I was willing to stay in that positon for eterity if it meant keeping my girls but it was not meant to be. At 22 weeks 5 days my Ashleigh was born and almost 24 hours later my Brooke was born. It was the most traumatic time of our lives. I miss my babies so much as my husband and I had tried for so long. Prior to being admitted to hospital I was being closely monitored too for cervcal length shortening on a weekly basis. The docs are not sure why it happebed and can't guarntee it won;t happen again. We feel so empty and not sure where to go from here.
my heart goes out to the both of you My husband and i just experienced the same situation ... so sorry
Hi I have read all of your stories and I'm truly sorry for your lost on April 21,2010 I went into the hospital with twins I had a cerclage place in at 19wks6days, 2wks b4 me going into the hospital when I came into to the hospital i had no pain just a clear discharge w/bloody show but I knew it wasn't right. (Baby A )bag was bulging and I was 7 to 8 cm @ 10am that morning my water bag broke. I didn't deliver her then but a day later her cord felt out so my Dr. insist that we deliver I pushed she wouldnt come out .So she stayed there and I watch my baby die on the ultrasound and I delivered her April 24, 2010 at 21 wks. I am grateful to be 23wks with my baby boy and hope to get him safely. GOD HAS DA LAST SAY SO OVER WHATEVA PLANS THAT R MADE.....I TRUST DA LORD NOT DA DOCTOR HE'S MY HEALER..
This is my story i was 19 weeks pregnant when i just had gotten back from vacation. that week my husband and i had an appointment for my amnio to see if the babe had any problems, while at the appointment the doctor had done a vaginal ultrasound and thats when he found out i was dialated completely without any pain or nothing. i was rushed to the hospital for bedrest the same day at around 6:00pm abd and around 11:45pm i gave birth to my babe boy who did not survive. We new what was coming because the doctor explained to us that before the 24 weeks when a babe is born there is no chance of surviving. We took pictures with our babe boy and still now we miss him so much. Now i ask why did this happened to us. our first daughter was born normal through the 39 weeks. if we just new this was going to happen we could have had a stich. next time will be more careful.
i am now 23w plus 6days..one week in hospital my cervix is 2cm open and membraine is pulging.they gave me steroids with a complete bed rest..iam worried dont want to loose my baby
I completely understand your situation. I just lost my son about a weeks ago at 18 weeks of a incompetent cervix. All of this is new for me, I blame the doctors for everything cause I felt like they could have saved my son. I was having pain and pressure in my pelvic area but the midwife checked my cervix and said everything was fine. I thought she would have put me on bedrest but she didn't. A few days later im in the hospital about to give birth to my son that i know wasn't going to make it cause when i got there i already dialated 4 cm so it was too late. I pray your next pregnancy is successful. Be blessed.
Before i knewi had an Incompetent Cervix I was happy to find out i was going to have a baby. My first lost i was 16 weeks and i was in labor for a day before my first son Christian was born. when i was preganat again i was told that i would nned a cervical cerclage and that it would be done at 15 weeks.When i went in for my surgery i was told they cant do it cause i was leaking water. I went for a second opinion and they said my doctor was wrong and that they woulddo itfor me but when they tryed i ws already 4 cm dailted. I gave birth again to another baby boy Geovinnie at 17 weeks. with my 3rd i miscarried at 11 weeks and with my 4 i was 15 weeks when they did a cercalge for the first time. they told me I ws already 1 cm dailated but they put it in any ways. at 18 weeks I went for an ultrasound to fnd out the sex of the baby and was told i had no cervix that the only thing holding my baby boy was my cerclage. I was scared to death as i lost to many already. I went home and stayed in bed. at 21 weeks i was in labor for 3 days in the hospital. And i lost yet another lil boy named Alexzander. my heart was broken. I wasnt even sure if i wanted kids anymore after going threw so many problems. after losing my 4th baby i dint get preganat till 2 years later. mind you they all were about 1 year to 2 years apart. when I found out iws praganat i wasnt excited at all. I didntknow what to do or think and either could my husband. Now on our 5 baby and i have a cervical cerclage placed twice because the first on came out of place. Im 19 weeks and also on protestrone shots weekly. Im having another boy and my cervix is 2.6 in length with the cerclage. im scared everyday I dont want to put my hopes up but at the end i cant help but love him as hard as i try not to get use to him being around. I hopeing for the best in everything and im sorry for everyones losts. I hope that everyone of yous will be able to be a mother and imsure yous will make great ones.
Hi , my heart goes out to you as I read this. I lost my baby boy JT on 03.02.2012. I am still battling to come to terms with losing him. I pray God guides you through this pregnancy and you will have a healthy wonderful baby. I will be praying for you. Take Care . God loves you. Pam
Ladies you should look into the TAC. It gives you a 90+ chance while the stich only has a 70-80% chance. I recently lost my baby girl at 21 wks. It's heart breaking but I'm going for the TAC next time. More info at abbyloopers.org
To give everyone hope here is my story. I had my first son at full term without any problems - he was 9Ibs. My cervix tore during the labour, and as a result I delivered my second child at 24wks due to incompetent cervix. My cervix had dilated silently and was open with membranes bulging at 23wks. An emergency stitch was placed but it failed and she was born a week later weighing 1Ib 7 - she battled for 6 months to survive, and is now a healthy 7yr old. In 2009 we took the decision to try fro another baby, and found out we were expecting twins at our 10wk scan! We were terrified. An elective stitch (shirodkar) was placed at 12wks and I put myself on modified bed rest. I was plagued with cramps and vaginal pressure, but my cervix remained long and closed until 25wks when it funneled to the stitch. It remained like that until my planned section at 38wks, and I gave birth to two healthy boys weighing a whopping 9 and 8Ibs!!! My story proves that elective stitches really can and do work, even under the extreme weight and pressure of two large babies. My cervix looked very floppy and soft when the stitch was placed (it should be hard and firm), and the doctors were very concerned. the stitch however often creates an overall tension in the cervix, and clearly in my case it worked! Please don't hesitate to push for an elective stitch - before 14wks if possible, it really does save lives. Good luck to everyone xxx
Thank up for sharing your story. I have recently lost my baby girl at 20wks I had the McDonald cerclage done but membranes ruptured not baby didn't make it. I lost a Lil girl at 18wks due to an incompetent cervix. We are now looking into the shirodkar cerclage based on Dr's recommendation. We have been pregnant five times with no success. We are trusting God on this next endeavor of becoming parents. I will, pray for you not your baby. God bless
Oops I will pray for you and your baby
Hi, thank you very much for the information I have question what is elective stitch ? Which country are living cuz it really matter ? And did u take it the stitches put on?
All of your stories are heart wrenching. Most of them have made me cry. I have a similar story but one with a hopeful ending to those of us women with a weak or incompetent cervix. When I was 23 weeks to the day pregnant with my first child, I was working as a waitress. When my husband picked me up from work, we went and got something to eat but I just didn't feel like eating. I felt weird. I couldn't put my finger on it; I thought it was maybe something that happens when you’re pregnant. Weeks before this I had been having "Braxton Hicks" but at the time I didn't know what they were. I thought that the baby was just flipping in my belly. I had no pain with them at all. Later that evening my husband went to work and I decided I was going to the hospital just to get checked out. I just didn't feel right. I got to the hospital and when they asked me what I was being seen for I stated that I wasn't sure but I wanted to be seen. They hooked me up to the baby monitors that measure contraction and the baby’s heart beat. A nurse finally came in and "checked" me to see if I was dilated. She said that I was 1cm but that women are dilated to that throughout their whole pregnancy and are fine. I didn't worry at that time. The doctor came in about 2 hours later and said he wanted to check me to make sure. As soon as he was done I could tell he feared to tell me something bad. Then he told me I was 2 and a half cm dilated and my bag was bulging. I began to panic and cry. I didn't know what was going to happen. I called my husband and he left work to come to the hospital. We both were so scared and clue less as to what was next. They started me on an IV with magnesium in it and put me in a position called tremdelemburg (unsure of the spelling) which is a position where you lay diagonal basically upside down to let gravity do its work and hopefully pull the bag back in. I laid in that position for a week without getting up. But on the third day in the hospital it hurt to breathe in the middle of the night. The doctor came in at about 6 am and tried to listen to my lungs. He said it didn't sound good and wanted an X-ray. They took an x-ray and found that the medicine I was on, magnesium, had gone into my lungs giving pneumonia. They had to take me off of that IV and I started having painless contractions right away. They started giving me 3 different types of pills that are supposed to relax the uterus. The doctor checked me again and said then I was 3 to 3 and a half cm dilated. He was very blunt but concerned at the same time but told me he didn't think I was going to have my baby alive when I left the hospital. I was horrified and hysterical. The worst feeling I have ever felt. I wanted my baby so bad and I could even fathom the thought of losing her. They gave me an ultrasound and figured out that my cervix was only 0.4cm. It had funneled out and I didn't have a choice to get the stitch because I was too far along. I made it through the night at the hospital without problems and then one night turned into two and two nights turned into three and three nights turned into a week and a week turned into a month. All on complete bed rest without my feet ever touching the floor. I had painless contractions every day but they eventually quit dilating me. I had an ultra sound every other day to check to see how long my cervix was and it stayed at 0.4cm. I was given 3 rounds of the steroid shots to help develop the baby's lungs. I made it to 29.4 weeks (7 weeks in the hospital) and finally my baby decided she was ready and gave me bad contractions. I had contractions 3-5 minutes apart for 24 hours because the doctors were still trying to stop my labor. Then they started at 2-3 minutes apart for a few hours and finally a nurse checked me and I was 8cm dilated. When I was giving birth I kept passing out because of my low blood pressure and muscle weakness from bed rest. The doctors had to keep putting me on oxygen. Finally I gave birth to a 2 pound 14 ounce baby girl. She was rushed up to the NICU before I could even look at her. When I was able to finally meet my princess, she wasn't on a respirator. The steroid shots had worked. She was able to breathe on her own only with c-pap. My angel stayed in the NICU for 8 weeks. That was the hardest 8 weeks of my life. She was born with a hole in her heart but when she was 9 months old she underwent heart surgery and had it repaired. She is now a happy, very healthy 2 year old. You cannot tell she was born early or had so many problems. She is now in the 96th percentiles for her height among normal full term 2 year. I think about that day that I went to the hospital all the time and just wonder, if I had not had a strange feeling that day and had not gone to the hospital I would not have my baby. I am very scared to get pregnant again because I have been told that I now had a higher risk of miscarriage now that I have had my child not only because of my weak cervix but because of trauma to it during labor. I know that sharing these stories can be so difficult to put yourself back into that state of mind. My heart goes out to every single one of you.
I have a similar story to all of you. On March 1, 2012 I lost my first baby Zaira Faith at 20 weeks and the doctor's do not know if it was due to me having 13 fibroids on my uterus (which have all recently been removed after a successful abdominal myomectomy...Thank GOD!) or having an incompetent cervix. I miss my baby girl so much and it hurt so much to loose her...especially when the pathology report came back and it was determined that she was perfectly healthy and normal ( I am still working on not feeling as though I have failed my baby). Now just yesterday I went to my OB for a preconception appointment and he told me that I would have to be referred to the high risk doctors due to my history with the fibroids and them not knowing if my seemingly incompetent cervix came about because of my fibroid degeneration or if that would have occurred without the fibroids. It is all so frustrating but I am leaning and depending on God and relying on my faith and his strength for all healthy pregnancies and babies in the future. Thanks for letting me share my story. I will be certainly praying for you ladies and hope that your dreams to become parents will come true. God Bless :)!
Sorry for your lost and it will happen just did not lose faith
I have been reading your posts and am becoming more hopefull I just lost my baby 5days back and to be sincere it is the worst experience am having and too my husband we are very sad I was prior 16weeks pregnant when I noted alot of blood coming out I ddnt knowit was miscarriage and blood clots I stopped bleeding and when I went for a ultrasound was heartbreaking news that they could only see some products of conception and the placenta the baby was no longer there through your comments I have learned alot and I am trusting God for a successful pregnancy very soon am too sad and only God knows what am passing through