Firearms Present 'Triple Threat' To Battered Women

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Domestic Violence Danger

Women are more likely to be killed by an intimate partner than to die at the hands of a stranger according to "Intimate Partner Violence and Firearms," a new set of studies published in the June issue of SAGE Publications' Evaluation Review.

"Violent partners armed with firearms are especially dangerous," writes Susan B. Sorenson, Professor at the UCLA School of Public Health and editor of the special issue. "As homicides of women by strangers have decreased, the number of homicides by intimates with handguns has increased." Adds Sorenson, "Male intimates and firearms are a particularly dangerous combination: Women are twice as likely to die of a gunshot wound inflicted by a male intimate as to die from any form of assault by a stranger."

In Evaluation Review's introduction and eight studies written by leading experts from around the country, readers will explore:


  • the potential effectiveness of restraining orders

  • gun removal

  • the denial of gun purchases to intimate partner abusers in the prevention of death and injury of victims of intimate partner violence

  • analysis of gun removal laws in the 50 states, and specifically California, Maryland & Massachusetts.