'Credit Card' Urges Women To Spend Time Thinking About Health

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Women's Health and Credit Card

Cindy Gaspard, a patient at the Breast Care Center at Baylor College of Medicine and The Methodist Hospital, created the "I Promise," card to urge women to think about their health on a daily basis.

Gaspard was diagnosed two years ago with stage four breast cancer after doctors performed an emergency MRI for nagging back pain. Her personal mantra since the diagnosis? "Every sad moment is a moment wasted."

Gaspard, 50, was a healthy woman who went for routine check-ups and performed monthly or sometimes bi-monthly breast exams. She just happens to be a part of the approximately two percent of women who are diagnosed with undetected stage four breast cancer.

She says that her own positive attitude, in addition to the positive reinforcement she receives from physicians and staff at the Breast Care Center, has helped her since her diagnosis.

She said that being diagnosed with breast cancer isn't really about her, it is about trying to find the best way to educate as many women as possible about the importance of taking care of themselves.


So Gaspard created the 'I Promise' card.

"I tried to think of something that would remind women on a daily basis to take care of themselves," Gaspard said. "So I thought, 'why not create something that women will see everyday, something that can be placed in their wallets?'"

The card, which is the size of a credit card, fits securely in the credit card placeholder in the wallet. The owner makes the 'promise' to herself by signing the card and placing it in her wallet.

"I want every woman to see the 'I Promise' card every time she opens her wallet, said Gaspard. "Women tend to put others before themselves so I hope the card reminds women to put themselves back on the list because being a woman is the greatest risk factor for developing breast cancer."

Just like most women, Gaspard never thought she would get breast cancer because no one in her family had it. The fact is that nearly one in seven women will have breast cancer.

Proceeds from the sale of the card, which is available for $1 at the Breast Center, will fund breast cancer education and research initiatives. For more information or to get a card, call 713-798-1911.