A Woman's Hormones Can Help Her Pick The Perfect Wedding Date

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Wedding Day and Health

Brides-to-be usually consider a lot of factors when picking the perfect date for their wedding such as the season, reception hall availability and when their family can make it into town. "But there's an even more important factor women should consider when scheduling their nuptials - figuring out on which day of their menstrual cycle their wedding will fall," says Gabrielle Lichterman, founder of Hormonology, the hormone horoscope, and author of "28 Days: What Your Cycle Reveals about Your Love Life, Moods, and Potential" (Adams Media, May 2005).

"That's because a woman's hormones have a profound effect on everything that impacts her wedding - her mood, energy, confidence and even how in love she feels with her betrothed," says Lichterman. "When women know how their hormones make them feel every day, they know the best day of their cycle to pick for their big day."

Here's what Lichterman says are the perfect, and not so perfect, days of a woman's cycle to pick for her wedding:


Day 1 (first day of menstruation) to Day 4: Bottomed out days. If having to deal with cramps and discomfort from menstruation doesn't automatically rule out these days, then low estrogen and testosterone on these days might. That's because when these
hormones bottom out, so does coordination, memory and verbal ability, which could make the walk down the aisle and remembering vows so much trickier.

Day 5 to Day 13: The perfect days for a wedding. Rising estrogen and testosterone on these days make women energetic, confident, upbeat, graceful, eloquent and extroverted. Nothing can ruin their day. Even better? These hormones are also pumping up how ga-ga gals feel over their guy. No second thoughts or runaway brides on these days.

Day 14 (ovulation in a typical cycle) to Day 22: Low energy days. Rising progesterone on these days can make women tired and sleepy. So they may not have the pep they need to make it through the long day of preparation, ceremony, photos, reception and cake feeding.

Day 23 to the end of your cycle: Bridezilla alert. Descending hormones make even little snafus seem like major disasters. Gals may want to spare themselves, and their groom, and skip these days altogether.

A nationally-known health journalist and founder of Hormonology, the hormone horoscope, Gabrielle Lichterman shows men and women how to predict their day and plan their life according to their hormone cycle. The first book in her Hormonology series is "28 Days: What Your Cycle Reveals about Your Love Life, Moods, and Potential" (Adams Media, May 2005), which was just chosen as one of the Top 10 Women's Health Books of 2005 by About.com. "28 Days" is available in bookstores everywhere. For more information, visit the Hormonology website at http://www.Hormonology.info