Study Cites Fertility Diagnosis Benefits for Women of Advanced Maternal Age and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

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The American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) has invited Dr. Lawrence B. Werlin to present his findings on a study that sheds light on increasing pregnancy success at the annual ASRM conference. This important conference features presentations from the world's leading researchers in reproductive medicine and takes place Oct. 15-19, 2005, in Montreal, Canada. Werlin's presentation focuses on his study which analyzes the use of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) with women of advanced maternal age (over 38 years) and those in high-risk categories.

PGD is a genetic testing tool that allows for the analysis and transfer of healthy embryos back to the uterus. Using PGD, reproductive scientists can now determine if an embryo has an abnormal chromosome count before implanting it into the women's uterine cavity during in-vitro fertilization.


"I'm honored to be among the nation's many leading researchers presenting research that will impact millions of couples aspiring to build their families," said Werlin, co-founder of the GENESIS Network for Reproductive Health, the study's sponsor. "The study on PGD details how it can be successfully applied as a diagnostic tool for women in high-risk groups, particularly those 38 years and older and for women with recurrent pregnancy loss."

Werlin's presentation titled "Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis as a Beneficial Tool in Women with Recurrent Pregnancy Loss and Advanced Maternal Age" concludes that PGD is an effective means of determining embryos with aneuploidy -- a condition where an organism has an extra or missing chromosome.

"Fertility specialists commonly hear the concerns of women seeking to become pregnant later in life, who are afraid their age might prohibit them from having a normal, healthy baby," continued Werlin. "Our study suggests that PGD is beneficial for women in advanced maternal age and recurrent pregnancy loss segments. This study offers women important data to aid them in pursuing the proper assisted reproductive treatments that will increase their likelihood for pregnancy success."

Werlin is the founder and director of Coastal Fertility Medical Center ( in Irvine. Werlin is also principal investigator of GENESIS Network for Reproductive Health (, a think tank of nationally noted fertility researchers. - IRVINE, Calif.


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