Ten Things Women Can Do To Have a Happier and Healthier Life Right Now!

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If you are a woman and looking for some simple and unique ways to increase your health and happiness, try adding a few of these ingredients.

1. Drink Tea - Get brewing! Research has shown that drinking green, and black tea offers extraordinary health benefits. It can help reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure and protect the skin. Drinking tea is also an easy ritual that helps busy women slow down and savor each moment.

2. Live Whole-heartedly - Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death for women. Eliminate the number of "heart bypasses" this year by living whole-heartedly. Decide what you want to put your whole heart into. Make a commitment from your heart rather than what you think you should do to please others.

3. Catch the Joy Virus - Observe others for signs of the Joy virus. Symptoms may include an inability to contain spontaneous outbursts of laughter, playfulness and smiling for no apparent reason. If you catch the Joy virus remember to pass it on.

4. Just Smile - Not only is a smile a great workout for the 16 muscles in your face, it actually increases the production of serotonin; the happy juice in your brain. Try smiling and notice how a gray mood can be instantly lifted with the upturn of the lips. Smiling connects you to a better mood which also helps to connect you with those around you.

5. Eat Chocolate - Yes, it has finally been proven that chocolate is actually good for the heart. You must limit yourself to dark chocolate and only eat an ounce a day. By controlling the amount you eat youll get the heart benefit without the guilt of those extra calories.


6. Lighten Up - Dont take yourself too seriously. Most of the time we take things too personally. Often, it really isnt about us at all. Find ways to bring humor and Joy into every day.

7. Keep a Journal - Journaling is not only good for the soul but there is plenty of research that proves that people who journal also have stronger immune systems. So grab a pen or pencil and start writing.

8. Forgive Yourself - Holding on to old wounds or grudges only drains the energy for living today. What do you need to do to forgive yourself or someone else? Pick up the phone and call someone, write that letter. By forgiving yourself and others, you free up emotional energy you can use right now to create a happier future.

9. Live This Day As If It Were Your Last - Begin to view the rest of your time on earth as sacred time. The next opportunity you have to choose how you will spend your time, ask yourself these three questions: Is this a priority in my life right now? Will this enhance my life or spiritual growth? Am I spending my time freely without resentment and regret?

10. Take Life Sip By Sip - By simplifying your personal and professional life, identifying your values and prioritizing your time, you will discover your own unique recipe for success. In the process you will find more time, energy and abundance for the things that really matter to you.

About The Author

Nancy Bishop is a Life Coach, Writer and Speaker. She blends her passion for tea with life coaching to help busy women catch their breath and connect with their heart to restore balance naturally. For more information, or, to subscribe to her free monthly newsletter, visit her website at www.yourlifeyourway.com .