Women Benefit Of A Little Daily Exercise

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From 10 to 30 minutes of daily exercising improves quality of life in menopausal women.

Dose Response to Exercise in postmenopausal Women (DREW) study examined 430 women of average age 57. Most of these women were overweight or obese. The study aimed to estimate how much women benefit from daily exercising.


Women were randomly divided into four groups with the three groups exercising 70, 135, and 190 minutes a week, and the fourth group with no exercising at all. By the end of the study all exercising women showed significant improvement in weight loss, postmenopausal symptoms, and mental health, compared to those not exercising.

The study looked at overall health of examined women after 6 month and found that physical function was improved by 7%, vitality by 16.6%, working abilities by 11.5%, emotional health by 11.6%, and social functioning by 5%.

Women who did more exercising had more improvement in general health. However, they did not show improvement in pain. The study shows that even a little daily exercise improves women's health. Even those who are unable to exercise regularly and heavily should have from 10 to 30 minutes of daily walk with friends.

"This has not been shown in a large controlled study before," said Dr. Timothy S. Church from Pennington Biomedical Research Center. "This is the first large controlled study of postmenopausal women to look at the effect of exercise training on the quality of life. It shows that exercise gives you energy and makes you feel better."