Warning In Regard to Womenra Female Viagra

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While different new versions of female viagra may be coming soon, Womenra may be fake and claims not substantiated.

A new project called Womenra (Sildenafil) is in the market providing medical pills for women to for sexual arousal. We visited Womenra's website and found the following information.

The Claim: "WOMENRA is scientifically formulated to provide intense sexual satisfaction
for women seeking ultimate pleasure. WOMENRA works by increasing genital
blood flow and vaginal compliance resulting in intensified pleasure during
sexual activity."

In Womenra's About US section we read the following: "Womenra.com only sells the highest quality medications available. All medications are government approved and are dispensed by a fully licensed and approved pharmacy. Every medication is checked, verified and filled by a trained and licensed pharmacist. We take care of your health.


"Womenra.com is accredited by The International Pharmacy Association. Their presence is to represent and support the ethical and professional practice of international pharmacies and to ensure its members carry out the highest standards of practice. Only certified pharmacies are awarded this seal."

However, our email to FIP.org has not been answered yet. While Womenra may be a member of FIP, it does not say anything about being approved by US FDA.

Another thing that made us more suspicious about Womenra and its female viagra pill is the fact that's we could not find an address or telephone number of the company. If you had a great product that lives up to the claimed standard would not not want to have your address and the toll free number so people can freely contact you?

To the question How Can I Contact The Billing Department Womenra answers the following way: "If you have any queries regarding a transaction, please contact our billing section through a support ticket." Now this is really suspicious. No address, no telephon number, who knows where you payment information is going, why would someone buy Womenra and trust it?

BuzzFeed puts it in a very nice way writing: "A sketchy version of viagra for women highlights the search for female arousal. Womenra, as far as we can tell, is a total fake, but there will likely soon be several versions of women's viagra available."

Please be warned of Womenra.