Corporate Lactation Programs Increase Retention

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Corporate Lactation Programs

According to a Medela and Working Mother lactation survey to the Working Mother 100 Best Companies, 98 percent say a corporate lactation program is important or very important to their workforce. Companies feel the main reasons to provide such programs include increased recruiting and retention, and to offer competitive benefits. In fact, 59 percent have noted greater retention following childbirth due to corporate lactation programs.


Increasingly, companies are providing lactation benefits and support to encourage women's return to the workplace following childbirth. A survey earlier this year by Medela and the National Women's Health Resource Center (NWHRC) revealed that 60 percent of working mothers believe the perception of breastfeeding in the workplace has grown more positive in recent years.

"Increasingly, employers are taking note of working mothers' desire to provide the health benefits of breast milk to their child while pursing their career," says Carolin Archibald, Vice President, Consumer Business at Medela. "Corporate lactation programs are crucial in increasing the acceptance of breastfeeding in the workplace. It is important for employers to remember that these programs also have substantial benefits for their bottom line. Successful programs can improve retention, reduce absenteeism and lower health insurance claims."

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