Menstrual Cups from Mooncup - the story

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Menstrual cups were developed in the 1930s and went on commercial sale at around the same time as the first tampon. In that early post-Victorian era it was not considered 'proper' for women to touch their vaginal area. The manufacturers of the tampon overcame this obstacle by providing those disposable applicators that can still be found floating in our toilet bowls today! Menstrual cups require a 'hands on' approach and were only purchased by the most liberal minded woman in those days.

Commercially, the tampon is a more viable product, as customers need to repurchase month after month In contrast menstrual cup manufacturers do not expect to make repeat sales to satisfied customers, only to their friends and relations! Sadly such intimate matters were not discussed in polite company back in the 1930s. Sales of tampons soared and massive advertising campaigns were launched. Disposable feminine hygiene products soon became established necessities in modern western society.

Menstrual cups and washable sanitary towels really began to gain popularity during the 1980s as women began searching for eco-friendly (and cheaper) alternatives to disposable products. Until the Mooncup became available menstrual cups were made from latex, which is derived from the sap of the gum tree.


Latex rubber is a known allergen. Reactions can vary from very mild irritation, itchiness and swelling to pins and needles and loss of sensation. Latex is also unsuitable for vegans as casein, a milk protein, is used in the curing process. The Mooncup is the world's first menstrual cup to be manufactured from medical grade silicone, a safer, softer and more attractive material. Silicone is derived from silica, found in sandstone and quartz, one of the most abundant resources on our planet. The Mooncup is registered with the Vegan Society.

The motivation behind the Mooncup is the well being of our world. We are careful to ensure that our waste is reused where possible and recycled where reuse is inappropriate. All leaflets and packaging are produced from materials that are sourced with regard to their having the least impact upon our environment. The Mooncup storage pouch is manufactured from 100% organic cotton. Our bankers were selected on the basis of their ethical investment policies. In December 2004 the Ethical Company Organisation (publishers of the Good Shopping Guide) certified Mooncup Ltd an Ethical Company. This recognises a commitment to a people and animal friendly approach, efforts with regard to environmental issues, responsible marketing and general caring nature.

The Mooncup was voted Best New Product by a team of independent retailers at the Natural Trade Show in March 2003.

The Vegetarian Society approved the Mooncup in May 2004 and the Vegan Society members voted it the Best Environmentally Friendly Product in November 2004.


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