Florida Department Of Health Acknowledges Women's Health Month

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Women's Health Month

The Florida Department of Health joins health professionals around the state in celebrating women's health during the month of May.

Throughout this month, special programs will be dedicated to increasing awareness about women's health issues and encouraging women to make healthy decisions.


"This month we celebrate the progress that has been made in the field of women's health and take note of the work that still needs to be done," DOH Deputy Secretary for Health, State Public Health Nursing Director, and State Women's Health Officer Jean Kline, R.N., B.S.N., M.P.H. said. "Women's Health Month is a perfect time for all women to understand key health issues and to learn and practice convenient steps, improving their own personal health and well-being."

In celebration of Women's Health Month, DOH will be hosting the 2007 Governor's Conference on Women's Health, May 15-16, 2007, in Tampa, Florida. This conference will provide an educational forum for women's health stakeholders to discuss issues affecting women across the state, and also identify solutions in the areas of research initiatives and public education that will help improve the overall health status of women in Florida. To learn more about the Conference, please visit http://www.doh.state.fl.us/Family/wh/2007Conf/index.html.

In addition, DOH will host other community activities during Women's Health Month, including National Women's Check-Up Day, health fairs, and physical fitness events. During National Women's Check-Up Day on May 14th, DOH will encourage women of all ages to be proactive with their personal health and schedule preventative exams and screenings. Through regular screenings, many diseases and other health conditions can be detected early. This focus on prevention can be extended to other aspects of women's heath including routine exercise, eating a healthy diet.

The Department understands that women's health encompasses a broad range of issues, including physical, social and economic concerns. Childcare, work and family demands, caring for ailing parents, domestic violence, and economic security can impact a woman's health. DOH strives to empower women and communities with the tools to recognize the diverse public health needs of women and to promote a better understanding of the many facets of women's health.