Lake County Health Department Cautions Residents about Norovirus

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The Lake County Health Department/Community Health Center is encouraging residents to practice health measures to avoid norovirus. This virus, which affects the stomach and the intestines, is most common during the winter months. Norovirus is not a reportable illness. However, several suspect outbreaks have occurred in Lake County since December.


Noroviruses are a major cause of foodborne illness outbreaks. A recent study indicated that they were responsible for 33 percent of foodborne illness outbreaks, for which an agent is verified, and 41 percent of food borne illness-related cases in the United States. "Noroviruses can make a person very ill," said Dale Galassie, the Health Department's Executive Director. "They are very contagious and can spread quickly in families and places with close living quarters, such as childcare centers, long-term care facilities, and
cruise ships."

The virus causes gastroenteritis and is often called "stomach flu," or "food poisoning." Symptoms include:

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