Key Study Offers Hope To Patients With Lung and Joint Disease

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Lung and Joint Disease Treatment

People who suffer from inflammatory conditions such as chronic diseases of the lung, joints and other organs could benefit from a new discovery by scientists at the University of Edinburgh. A new study in Nature Medicine journal shows that certain drugs, already being tested as cancer treatments, can dramatically reduce tissue inflammation.


The researchers have found that certain non-biological drugs, known as CDK inhibitors, can knock out the inflammatory cells which cause the tissue damage and scarring that leads to organ failure and joint pain. These drugs trigger a process of cell 'suicide' called apoptosis in which the inflammatory cells, called neutrophils, destroy themselves before being removed by scavenger cells, called macrophages.

The Edinburgh scientists have spent years devising ways of inducing apoptosis in specific inflammatory cells while, in parallel, driving macrophages to clear the resultant apoptotic cells more rapidly. Now they have shown that CDK inhibitors, like Roscovitine

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