Let's Beat Chronic Heart Failure (CHF)

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Chronic Heart Failure (CHF) and a whole host of other heart ailments are increasing daily, if my reading of the medical reports and journals are correct! Since they usually under report, you can bet they are far worse than those reports and studies reflect.


A research group in Bonn Germany used 54 CHF patients and compared them with 34 people who did not have CHF and they found that over a period of five months, with fasting blood samples collected from the 54 CHF patients and compared to similar samples taken from a group of the 34 healthy subjects without CHF that the CHF group fell short in the vitamin D dept. In fact some in the CHF group had D levels that were
only half of the average level found in the other group. Furthermore, those with the lowest vitamin D levels tended to have the most severe symptoms of CHF.


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