A Vaccine That May Be Cheap At Any Price

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Vaccine and Vaccination

No matter how many scholarships and grants a student has under his or her belt, the freshman year of college always ends up costing more than expected. With the price of textbooks, the cost of housing and the expenses involved in getting from home to school and back on a regular basis, it's tempting to skip a few budget items that some people may consider optional, such as vaccination against meningococcal disease.


Depending on the vaccine and where it is administered, the vaccine can cost between $90 and $120 per person. Dr. Jean Haulman, associate medical director for immunization services and public health at University of Washington's Hall Health Center, points out that if you're going to make the decision on an economic basis, you'll want to calculate in the potential costs of getting meningitis.

"Experts estimate that each case of meningitis costs between $600,000 and $1.8 million to treat. If you are

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