US Measles Cases Rise Affecting Children

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Measles cases in US rise, and health officials are trying to control the disease.

There have been 132 measles cases since January 2008 in US, which is comparable to 138 cases in 1997, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics. The number of cases is not dangerously high, but even low number of infected children can lead to an Measles outbreak.

Most children with measles were found to not having a proper vaccination, 20 children were less than a year old and were too young to be vaccinated. No death cases have been reported since January.


Most of the infectious childhood diseases kill those who have weakened immune system, but measles kills absolutely healthy children. The disease is very dangerous and health officials are educating parents about the disease, but still there are lots of parents who decide not to vaccinate their kids.

Currently, every state requires measles vaccination for every single child before school admission, but at the same time all states permit religious and philosophical exemptions. These exemptions together with imported measles cases create good circumstances for the disease to spread.

There are about 20 million children affected by measles worldwide. The disease kills every 1 child out of 10,000. Before vaccine was introduced, USA was facing 400,000 cases and 400 deaths every year. Most cases were occurring among children traveling to Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, India, Germany, China, Pakistan, Russia and the Philippines.

Measles vaccine was first introduced in 1963. Health officials are always urging parents to immunize their children. If every parent understands the necessity of vaccinating children against measles the disease will die slowly. However, the disease is still alive and vaccination is extremely important.