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Nuts During Pregnancy Lead To Childhood Asthma

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Mothers eating nut products regularly during pregnancy increase the risk for their children to develop asthma.

A team of researchers from University of Utrecht examined 4000 pregnant women and followed their children for eight years. The women were asked to complete food questionnaire about food taken during pregnancy.

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Mothers eating at least one nut product every day during pregnancy had children who had 50% higher risk of developing childhood asthma than those taking nut products rarely. Mothers taking fruits and vegetables daily had children with lower risk of developing asthma. Children whose mothers were taking nuts daily and who reported to have asthma were having a restricted diet, but they still reported to suffer from the disease.

Researchers are not sure why such link occurs and they still cannot advise pregnant women to stop taking nuts, but the ink is clear and more research is needed to be done to clarify nutrition during pregnancy. Nut products are known to contain vitamin E, healthy fats and nutrients important for child development. This is why it is extremely important which amount of nut products is the best for a pregnant woman.

The research still does not offer anything clear about nut products and pregnancy, but it is among those other researches proving the importance of a balanced nutrition during pregnancy and reminding mothers-to-be that 'too much is never good'.

Asthma is a disease, which causes narrowing of bronchial tubes, wheezing, coughing, and difficulties while breathing. According to World Health Organisation statistics, 30% of children worldwide develop the condition. The main reason causing asthma is unknown, but scientists are sure that allergies play a major role in it. Nuts and seafood are found to be the most dangerous types of food causing food allergies leading to asthma, but researchers did not find any link between seafood intake during pregnancy and childhood asthma. Peanuts are the type of nut products leading to the most aggressive types of allergies and asthma.