Prucalopride Treats Constipation Successfully

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A new drug prucalopride is shown to be a successful treatment for those suffering from severe constipation.

A team of researchers from Mayo Clinic examined 620 patients with only one bowel movement within two weeks. Patients were given to 2 milligram and 4 milligram doses during 12 weeks and a placebo. 47.3% of patients in the first group experienced 3 or more bowel movements in a week, compared to 25.8% placebo group participants. 46.6% of patients in the second group experienced the same results, meaning that even low doses of prucalopride can improve the condition.


It is not estimated clearly how many patients suffer from constipation, but doctors report that such patients are been seen regularly. In Europe there are about 11 million constipation sufferers, about 15% of US population also suffers from the condition, about 50% of US elderly also experience bowel movement difficulties. On average, there are about 25 million people worldwide suffering from constipation.

There were some fears in health professionals about prucalopride, because there were two similar drugs recalled last year because of adverse side effects on heart, and they raised this issue with study authors. Study authors stated that prucalopride is chemically different than those recalled.

Prucalopride works by affecting cell receptors and stimulating muscle contraction. Those recalled drugs were also acting the same way to heart muscles, leading to heart complications, but prucalopride is shown to be safe for heart. However, researchers mention that after mass production some complications may occur.

Researchers have spent lots of years on prucalopride trial and now they report that it is effective for constipation treatment and it is safe. The only reported adverse side effects are headache and abdominal pain.


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