Protect Yourself Against Disease

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State and local health officials are reminding people to ensure their immunizations are up-to-date. The Vernon County Health Department and the Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services today confirmed a measles case involving an unimmunized student at Youth Initiative High School.

Local and state health officials are working with the individual, family, and school to limit the transmission of the disease. The Vernon County Health Department is working to identify the potential source of the disease, but it is not believe to be associated with the measles cases in southeastern Wisconsin.


This brings Wisconsin's total to seven laboratory-confirmed cases of measles, as well as two confirmed cases of rubella. These diseases can be prevented by safe and effective vaccines.

Many people think immunizations are for children, but there are many diseases that affect adults that can be prevented by vaccines. Immunizations keep people from getting or spreading a disease, as well as reduce needless suffering with illness, pain, and expensive treatments.

The measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine takes effect after 2-3 weeks and two doses normally provide lifelong immunity. The MMR immunization recommendations are as follows:


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