Shire To Increase Adherence Among Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

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Shire Pharmaceuticals launched On Track, an innovative program designed to improve adherence to disease management regimens among chronic kidney disease (CKD) Stage 5 patients with hyperphosphatemia (elevated levels of phosphorus in the blood).

In addition to offering the highly effective phosphate binder, FOSRENOL (lanthanum carbonate), Shire has created On Track, a program designed to provide resources to patients, health care professionals (HCPs) and renal care teams that can help them collectively identify "real world" solutions to adherence- related challenges.

Approximately half of all CKD Stage 5 patients fail to attain serum phosphorus control, and poor adherence is a primary barrier preventing them from achieving success. In fact, up to 73 percent of patients are repeatedly non-compliant to phosphate binder therapy. Specifically, 30 percent of patients have decided not to fill one or more prescriptions due to medication costs and/or lack of transportation to the pharmacy, while 21 percent of CKD Stage 5 patients admit to not taking medications as prescribed due to side effects, cost, and the belief that they already take "too many" medications. This is not surprising, since CKD Stage 5 patients are prescribed an average of 12 different medications for concurrent medical conditions.


"Nonadherence to phosphate binder therapy is a serious problem and has become a growing issue among CKD Stage 5 patients due to the complexity of managing the condition," said William Finn, MD, professor of Medicine, University of North Carolina School of Medicine at Chapel Hill. "It is vital for patients to work with their renal care teams to identify successful adherence strategies, as well as to utilize programs and resources available, to address the myriad of reasons that contribute to nonadherence, in order to realize the full benefit of their medications."

Through On Track, Shire is providing resources and services developed with insights from experts in the nephrology and behavior modification fields to help renal care teams and patients take a multifaceted approach to hyperphosphatemia control. Shire also is offering additional support specifically for FOSRENOL patients through its comprehensive offerings in FOSRENOL On Track - a first of its kind program for the renal community that offers an array of unique services to help renal care teams and patients improve adherence.

-- Shire developed tools for HCPs and renal care teams to help enhance their communication with patients in clinical settings. These tools will facilitate the development of individualized plans that address patients' specific barriers to managing their hyperphosphatemia through diet, dialysis, and phosphate binder therapy.

-- Shire established the FOSRENOL On Track hotline to provide a simple, single point of access to a comprehensive range of support services and tools for all FOSRENOL patients and their renal care teams.