Tips To Prevent Exposure To Rabies

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Avoid exposure to bats and raccoons may put you at risk for rabies.

Bats or Raccoons in Homes

• Prevent animals from entering your home.

• Don’t approach, handle or feed wild or unfamiliar animals even if they appear friendly.

• Never adopt or bring wild animals into your home.

• Remind children to inform an adult if they see a sick or injured animal and DO NOT TOUCH.

• Keep your pets under direct supervision so they do not come in contact with wild animals.

• Confine the animal to a room if present in your home. Call your local animal control or police department.


Bat or Raccoon Bites or Scratches

• If possible, DO NOT RELEASE THE ANIMAL. Trap it for testing, but do not increase your risk of exposure.

• Wash the affected area immediately and seek medical attention.

• Call the Oakland County Health Division at 248-858-1280 to determine your exposure.

If the following occur:

• You wake up in a room with a bat or raccoon;

• A animal is found in the room of an unattended child;

• A animal is seen near a mentally impaired or intoxicated person

DO NOT RELEASE THE ANIMAL. Call your local animal control office or police department.