Meningococcal C Conjugate Vaccination Recommendations

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Meningococcal C Conjugate


The National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) made recommendations on the use of meningococcal C conjugate vaccine for infants (i.e. children < 1 year of age), children from 1 to 4 years of age, adolescents and young adults(1).

The vaccine should be considered for children ≥= 5 years of age who have not reached adolescence. In the 2005 updated statement on meningococcal C conjugate vaccines (2), NACI recommended a three-dose schedule for young infants using Menjugate (Novartis Vaccines) or Meningitec (Wyeth Canada).

The first dose was to be given at no earlier than 2 months of age and the other doses separated by at least 1 month; at least one dose in the primary series was to be given after 5 months of age. For infants aged 4 to 11 months, a two-dose schedule was recommended for Menjugate and Meningitec with the doses given at least 1 month apart. In the 2005 statement, the recommended schedule for NeisVac-C (GlaxoSmithKline) was changed to two doses, the first being given no earlier than 2 months of age and the second at least 2 months later. NACI recommended that one dose of the primary series be given after 5 months of age. Children ≥= 1 year of age require only one dose for all three meningococcal C conjugate products.

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