Hepatitis B Vaccine Is Not Linked To Multiple Sclerosis In Childhood

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Hepatitis B Vaccine

Vaccinating children against the hepatitis B virus does not seem to raise that child's risk of developing Multiple Sclerosis, according to an article published in Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine (JAMA/Archives), December 2007 issue.


Numerous studies have looked at the potential link between the hepatitis B vaccine and MS (multiple sclerosis) among adults, explain the researchers.

The majority of them did not find a notable raised MS risk in the short or long term, except for one which indicated there might be a slight increased risk within 36 months of taking the vaccine (adults).

The authors explain "Some of these epidemiologic studies have been criticized for methodological limitations. This controversy created public misgivings about hepatitis B vaccination. Hepatitis B vaccination in children remained low in several countries despite vaccination campaigns supporting early vaccination against hepatitis B in children as a means of inducing strong and long-lasting immunity and despite high levels of hepatitis B-related morbidity and mortality worldwide."