Mumps Outbreak At Canada

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Mumps Outbreak

Mumps casesrelated to the outbreak continue to occur in Canada.

While fewercases are being reported each week, new cases are not unexpected as the newschool year begins in September. Several provinces and post-secondaryinstitutions are encouraging students to ensure their immunization isup-to-date.

As of 24August 2007, 711 confirmed cases of mumps related to the outbreak had beenreported from: Nova Scotia (557 cases, median age 23, 48% males); New Brunswick(110 cases, median age 22, 66% males); P.E.I. (2 cases, median age 19, 100%males); Newfoundland (7 cases, median age 26, 29% males); Quebec (3 cases,median age 22, 67% males); Ontario (23 cases, median age 23, 78% males);Manitoba (2 cases, median age not available, 100% males); Alberta (5 cases;median age 22, 60% males); British Columbia (2 cases, median age 28, 100%males). Information on date of onset is known for 670 of the 711 confirmedmumps cases reported. The remaining 41 cases are pending or missing dates ofonset.


Theoutbreak activity remains centred in Nova Scotiaand New Brunswicklocalities with sporadic exportations to other provinces. All cases included inthis report are either linked to cases in the Maritimes or are close contactsof these cases. To date, there has been no sustained transmission outside ofthe Maritimes related to the outbreak, although other imported or sporadiccases of mumps may also occur.

Post-secondarystudents on the Island will be offered asecond dose of measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine this fall in an effortto reduce the possibility of an outbreak of mumps or measles. The Department ofHealth will offer this immunization program to students, faculty and staff bornafter 1970 at the University of Prince Edward Island and HollandCollegewhen classes resume this fall. Students will be advised by their college oruniversity about vaccination clinic dates on campus.