Lions Take Proactive Steps Against Bacterial Contamination

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Bacterial Contamination

The Detroit Lions are kicking off their upcoming 2007 sports season with the high-tech, antimicrobial treatments of SportsAide and FabricAide throughout their training facilities from industry leaders SportCoatings and Pioneer Athletics.

Provided by SportCoatings of Rochester Hills, MI and sold by Pioneer Athletics of Cleveland, Ohio, SportsAide will be applied to the training rooms, offices, showers and water therapy areas of the Detroit Lions Training Facilities. FabricAide will be incorporated into their routine cleaning regimens, providing textiles like uniforms and towels with defense against bacterial contamination.

SportsAide and FabricAide are part of the Sports Antimicrobial System (SAS), providing powerful 24/7 control against a broad spectrum of bacteria, mold, fungi and algae on all sport surfaces. SAS provides state-of-the-art antimicrobial protection for all sports equipment, facilities, and turf.


"As a certified athletic trainer, we are charged with the responsibility of care and prevention of injuries for our athletes, and that ideal certainly extends to the issue of super bugs, such as MRSA, and other bacterial contaminations," says Dean Kleinschmidt, Coordinator of Athletic Medicine/Athletic Trainer. "Having an all encompassing program that focuses on player education and awareness is imperative for all athletic training levels. We are demonstrating the importance of being proactive with issues like microbial contamination by adopting the SAS system."

"The health of our athletes is too important to not take a positive initiative towards the prevention of bacteria in our facilities. Adopting these treatments gives the most advanced defense against bacterial infections that is available in the sports industry," says Mark Glenn, Detroit Lions Facilities Manager.

SAS is powered by the EPA registered AEGIS Microbe Shield technology, used safely worldwide in the medical industry for over 30 years. All SAS technologies are non-leaching, environmentally friendly and odorless. Furthermore, this unique physical mode of action prevents microorganisms from adaptation -- so no "super bugs" or resistant organisms can be created.

"Having worked with the Detroit Lions for many years, we are proud of the proactive steps they are taking to treat their facilities," says Doug Schattinger, president of Pioneer Athletics. "By taking advantage of this antimicrobial system, they are setting the bar and raising the awareness for other athletic programs."

The Sports Antimicrobial System is a 360 degree approach to combat microbial contamination on sports surfaces. The SportsAide treatment protects athletic facilities including training rooms, locker rooms, whirlpools, gym mats and exercise equipment; FabricAide provides antimicrobial protection, stain releasers and odor control to sports laundry like towels and uniforms; TurfAide provides antimicrobial protection to synthetic turf systems.

"The technology is like an airbag for the athletic community. It offers peace of mind to athletic directors, trainers, athletes, and parents; knowing that their facility and textiles are continually protected with the best technology available," says Craig Andrews, CEO of SportCoatings. "We are proud to bring SAS home to Michigan."


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