West Nile Virus Risk To Humans Increasing

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West Nile Virus

The number of human cases of West Nile Virus is rising in Saskatoon Health Region, with six human cases now reported in the Health Region and a total of 17 human cases reported across the province. The number of mosquito pools testing positive for WNV has also increased.


As the August long weekend approaches and many residents and visitors are enjoying the warm weather, Saskatoon Health Region (SHR) and the City of Saskatoon are strongly advising people to protect themselves from mosquito bites.

"We are entering the highest seasonal risk time period, and warm humid conditions are hastening the development of Culex tarsalis mosquitoes, the vector that spreads West Nile," says Dr. Johnmark Opondo, Deputy Medical Health Officer for the Health Region.

The mosquito that spreads the virus, the Culex tarsalis mosquito, is not the same 'pesky' nuisance mosquito people experience during the summer months. "This mosquito is tricky