Livingston County Issues Bats, Rabies Advisory

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Rabies Virus

Since most human rabies cases in the United States have been caused by the rabies virus from bats, awareness of this information can help people protect themselves, their families, and their pets.

Livingston County Department of Public Health is advising residents of steps to take if a bat enters your home.


If a bat is present in your home and you believe there has been human exposure or you have questions , contact your health care provider or LCDPH for recommendations for possible treatment exposure for rabies; for questions about pet exposure, contact your veterinarian or LCDPH. Use the following precautions to capture the bat safely.

If you see a bat in your home and are certain that no human or pet exposure has occurred, confine the bat to a room by closing all doors and windows leading out of the room e xcept those to the outside. The bat will probably leave soon. If not, it can be caught, as described below, and released outdoors away from people and pets.

If exposure to people, pets, or livestock has occurred, contact a Pest Control Service professional (look in the Yellow Pages). If professional help is unavailable, use the following precautions to safely capture the bat:

What you will need: