Larviciding Of Catch Basins To Start

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West Nile Virus

Catch basin larviciding, designed to control mosquito larvae and reduce the incidence of West Nile virus in Lambton County, will begin within the next ten days and continue throughout the summer.


The County of Lambton has contracted the St. Clair Region Conservation Authority to conduct larval surveillance and apply larvicide to municipal catch basins located within Lambton County under the Ministry of Environment larviciding permit number 6062-73WNAN. Methoprene (Altosid) in pellet formulation (Pest Control Products Act number 21809) and briquet formulation (Pest Control Products Act number 27694) will be applied to the catch basins.

Mosquito larval surveillance conducted for West Nile virus prevention has indicated that mosquito larvae are present in catch basins within Lambton County.

The Community Health Services Department urges Lambton residents to remove stagnant water around their homes. Mosquitoes can lay eggs and develop in water that has been sitting for as little as four days.