Avoid Ticks And Tick-Related Illnesses

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Tick-Related Illnesses

Recent cases of tick-related illness have prompted Nebraska state's public health veterinarian to urge people to take precautions against the insects.

Ticks can cause erlichiosis (er-LICK-ee-o-sis), Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tularemia and Lyme disease. So far this summer, two cases of erlichiosis, three cases of Rocky Mountain spotted fever, three cases of tularemia, and two cases of Lyme disease have been reported, according to Dr. Annette Bredthauer of the Nebraska Health and Human Services System.


The two cases of erlichiosis have involved two adults in Buffalo and Lancaster counties. The three cases of Rocky Mountain spotted fever were identified in two children in Madison County and an adult from Nuckolls County. The three cases of tularemia (which may also be contracted through contact with infected rabbits) involved two children from Sarpy and Lancaster counties and one adult from Madison County. Two cases of Lyme disease have been identified, one in an adult from Boone County and one in a child from Lancaster County.

Symptoms of tick-related illnesses include fever, a rash surrounding the site of the bite, and encephalitis, which is an inflammation of the brain.

"This is the season when more people are outdoors and come in contact with the weeds and grasses that hide ticks," said Dr. Annette Bredthauer. "Since ticks can be the cause of serious illness, people should do what it takes to prevent them from attaching."

Preventive measures include:


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