Can We Really Fight Against Age-Related Diseases The Natural Way?

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(NC) - The answer is yes. Aging is an inevitable and a normal part of life, but many of the effects of aging can be prevented. Age-related health problems such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, menopausal symptoms, and cancers of the breast and prostate can be avoided and/or minimized the natural way. What does this mean exactly?

Recent research has shown that certain natural therapies are effective in fighting these types of age-related diseases and can help us to live healthier and more productive lives.

For example, dietary supplements made from red clover isoflavones can help reduce hot flashes associated with menopause, improve bone density, and reduce prostate and urinary tract problems. Isoflavones are dietary compounds found in legumes such as red clover.

For women interested in maintaining their bone and heart health, as well as relieving menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats, there are two natural alternatives that contain isoflavones. These natural remedies, known as Promensil and Rimostil, have been extensively tested and have been shown to be both safe and effective.

According to Johanna Vanboxtel, a 51-year-old mother of two, a natural alternative was the only way to go to control her hot flashes and sweating. "I was initially on hormone replacement therapy, but I still suffered from severe hot flashes and my hands were always sweaty," says Vanboxtel. "My doctor recommended that I take a Promensil tablet every day and now more than a year later, I have experienced no side effects and I have peace of mind in knowing that I am taking a natural product to manage my symptoms."


For men who want a natural approach when it comes to their prostate and urinary tract health, there is a supplement called Trinovin that experts say can make a significant difference in maintaining prostate health. In addition, there is also evidence that points to the increased risk of an enlarged prostate among men in North America versus those in Asia. It is believed that diet is one of the major reasons for this discrepancy because Asian men regularly consume isoflavone-containing food (like chick peas, lentils, clover, soy and beans) compared with their Western counterparts.

Trinovin, also a red clover isoflavone dietary supplement, has been clinically studied and results indicate that it reduces prostate and urinary tract problems.

"This is great news for men who are hesitant to undergo surgery or to take drugs that have unwanted side effects," says Dr. David Saul, a male health specialist. "Trinovin is a regulated health product in Canada with substantial clinical evidence behind it that offers men another valid choice in maintaining their prostate health."

These natural supplements are available over-the-counter in pharmacies and health food outlets across Canada. Before taking any of these products, speak to your doctor to ensure it is the right option for you.


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