Key Patents Issued For ARCAD Instillate For Prevention Of Surgical Adhesions

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ARC Pharmaceuticals announced that key patents relating to ARC's lead product candidate for the prevention and treatment of surgical adhesions, were recently issued or granted in several territories.

The patents are assigned to UBC and ARC previously in-licensed these technologies through an exclusive worldwide license agreement with UBC.


USA Patent # 7,163,930, Australia Patent # 2002325113 and New Zealand Patent # 532015 were recently issued and China Patent # 02816693.0 was granted and will be registered in Hong Kong. These patents are in addition to the earlier issued USA Patent # 6,812,220 and a portfolio of related patent applications in additional territories. The patents relate to the use of fucans including fucoidan for the prevention and treatment of surgical adhesions and/or fibrous adhesions. Fucoidan is the key component of ARCAD(TM) Instillate.

"The issuance of these patents is an important step in continuing to strengthen ARC's patent position around ARCAD(TM) Instillate," stated Barbara Campbell, Associate Director for the University-Industry Liaison Office at UBC.

"ARC has demonstrated in several different preclinical models of surgical adhesions that the use of ARCAD(TM) Instillate resulted in a significant reduction in the number and severity of post-surgical adhesions," said Chris Springate, President and CEO of ARC.

The key component of ARCAD(TM) Instillate is a fucan known as fucoidan. Fucoidan is a naturally occurring polysaccharide and is extracted from seaweed or brown marine algae. ARC has purified and incorporated fucoidan into the Company's proprietary lead product candidate, ARCAD(TM) Instillate, for the prevention of surgical adhesions. ARC has also commenced exploration of the use of the ARCAD(TM) technology in other disease indications and has formulated ARCAD(TM) as a gel and as a film.