Opportunities In Autoimmune Disease Diagnostics Market Result Of Advances In Research

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Recent discoveries in autoimmune diseases are driving growth in the diagnostics market.

Although such ailments are rare and difficult to recognize, continued efforts in research and public awareness provide market opportunities for industry participants.

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, U.S. Autoimmune Disease Diagnostics Markets, reveals that the market generated revenues of $202.3 million in 2006 and estimates this to reach $326.3 million in 2013, as testing increases for autoimmune diseases.

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"The development of new markers, coupled with laboratory automation, is encouraging more testing," notes Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Kevin Leong. "As laboratories consolidate to gain improved productivity and cost- efficiencies, demand for quick and efficient laboratory tests increase, thereby fueling market growth."

However, since the symptoms of autoimmune diseases are innumerable and often overlooked as common ailments, it can take several years before it is diagnosed. This slows the growth of industry participants.

"As there is no single laboratory test that can confirm a diagnosis, the continued development of new tests and automated systems can further the current delivery of healthcare and improve patient outcomes," notes Leong. "As more testing options become available, the demand for autoimmune disease diagnostics is likely to increase."

With medical research suggesting that certain autoimmune diseases are more prevalent than previously believed, companies can aggressively pursue the available opportunities. Additional support for medical research can highlight the prevalence of autoimmune diseases and prompt physicians and patients to test if symptoms are the result of such ailments. Raising awareness by partnering with medical research groups and public health organizations can improve the pace of market growth.

Industry participants should publicly support the advances in autoimmune disease diagnostics. The influence, as a result of such efforts in the medical community, develops a sense of loyalty. This can help create strong relationships with clients to ensure continued success.

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